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Phyllis Eisenstein was born in Chicago in 1946 and, except for two years in Germany and one winter in Upper Michigan as an Air Force wife, spent her life there. In her early student days, she worked as a butcher, grocery clerk, bowling alley pin-setter, and tutor. She dropped out of college to join her new husband Alex overseas, eventually selling two stories in 1969, the first being a collaboration with Alex that appeared in Robert Silverberg's New Dimensions 1. Ten years later, after her third novel was published, she went back to school to acquire a degree in Anthropology from the University of Illinois.

Phyllis got her first taste of teaching while assisting Roger Zelazny at the Indiana University Writers Conference in 1977 and went on to teach SF and fantasy writing at the Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop, Oakton Community College, and the Writers Digest School. For more than a dozen years she has been a member of the faculty of Columbia College Chicago, where she also edited two volumes of Spec-Lit, a soft cover anthology showcasing SF by her students and others, which sold through bookstores nationally. In 1999, the school honored her with its "Excellence in Teaching" Award.

Both alone and with Alex, she. published six novels and about three-dozen shorter works in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, as well as a popular nonfiction book on treating arthritis. Her stories have been nominated twice for the Hugo Award, three times for the Nebula.


Genres: Fantasy
Book of Elementals
   1. Sorcerer's son (1979)
   2. The Crystal Palace (1988)
   3. The City in Stone (2004)
thumbthumbno image available
   Shadow of Earth (1979)
   In the Hands of Glory (1981)
   Night Lives (2003) (with Alex Eisenstein)
Anthologies edited
   Spec-Lit (1985)
Books containing stories by Phyllis Eisenstein
Gateways (2010)
A Feast of Great New Science Fiction Honoring Grand Master Frederik Pohl
edited by
Elizabeth Anne Hull

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Award nominations
1999 Nebula Award for Best Novelette (nominee) : The Island in the Lake
1983 Hugo Award for Best Novelette (nominee) : Nightlife
1982 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : In the Hands of Glory
1982 Hugo Award for Best Novella (nominee) : In the Western Tradition
1981 Nebula Award for Best Novella (nominee) : In the Western Tradition
1980 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : Sorcerer's son
1979 Locus Award for Best Collection (nominee) : Born to Exile
1975 Nebula Award for Best Short Story (nominee) : Attachment

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