Jessica Amanda Salmonson

USA flag (b.1950)

Tomoe Gozen
   1. Tomoe Gozen (1981)
     aka The Disfavored Hero
   2. The Golden Naginata (1982)
   3. Thousand Shrine Warrior (1984)
Anthologies edited
   Amazons! (1979)
   Amazons II (1982)
   Tales by Moonlight (1982)
   Heroic Visions (1983)
   Heroic Visions II (1986)
   Tales by Moonlight II (1989)
   What Did Miss Darrington See? (1989)
   Wife or Spinster (1991)
   Wisewomen and Boogy Boos (1992) (with Jules Remedios Faye)
     aka A Dictionary Of Lesbian Fairy Lore
   Golden Gong (1995)
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Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Short stories
Patrons (1975)
Precisely What Happened (1975)
Carmanda (1976)
Eagle-Worm (1980)
The Evil Jinn (1981)
Lincoy's Journey (1981)
Voice (1981)
A Child of Earth and Hell (1982)
The Fabulous Sea Below (1982)
The Apple Boy (1983)
Come the Eaters (1983)
I Can't Lose! (1983)
Angel's Exchange (1984)
Biology Class (1984)
Five Cents a Look (1984)
The Truth About Mrs Chauncey and Her TV Set (1984)
Under the House (1984)
The Blind Man (1985)
The Clown (1985)
A Haunted Tale of Justice (1985)
Pit (1985)
The Lingering Minstrel (1986)
'Pale Trembling Youth' (1986) (with W H Pugmire)
The House that Knew No Hate (1987)
The Trilling Princess (1987)
Angela's Love (1989)
Beckoner of the Nightwatch (1989)
The Day the Slaves Were Freed (1989)
The Garbage Dispose-All (1989)
None (1989)
Quadrivial (1989)
The Rental Agreement (1989)
The Two Devils (1989)
Wander (1989)
Youngin (1989)
Black the Water (1990)
Bone Wings (1990)
Harmless Ghosts [short story] (1990)
Jeremiah (1990)
Bhadra and the Mendicant (1991)
The Circumvention of Fate (1991)
The Courtesan Who Worked a Miracle (1991)
Fisher Death (1991)
The Lay Nun Who Gave of Herself (1991)
Rayamati, the Savioress (1991)
The Reborn Divinities (1991)
Vasavadatta the Courtesan (1991)
Walk in Sable (1991)
The Barnacle Maid (1992)
Bearskin Woman and Grizzly Woman (1994)
The Final Fete of Abba Adi (1994)
The Hell Gamblers (1994)
House of Omens (1994)
When the Woman Chief Was Young (1994)
Battle on the Bridge of the Gods (1995)
The Changelings (1995)
Red Wolf's Daughter and Bloody Chief's Son (1995)
The Star Maids (1995)
The Strange Voyage of Dr Morbid (1995)
A Mirror for Eyes of Winter (1997)
Young Lady Who Loved Caterpillars (1997)

Jessica Amanda Salmonson recommends
The Lost Continent (1900)
C J Cutcliffe Hyne
"Very likely the best Atlantean novel ever written."
Moon of Israel (1918)
H Rider Haggard
"A beautifully written jewish legend."

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