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Sue Grafton

(Sue Taylor Grafton)
USA flag (1940 - 2017)
Daughter of C W Grafton

Sue Grafton was one of the most popular female writers, both in the UK and in the US. Born in Kentucky in 1940, she began her career as a TV scriptwriter before Kinsey Millhone and the 'alphabet' series took off.

Genres: Mystery
Series contributed to
Non fiction
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1986) : B Is for Burglar
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (1986) : B Is for Burglar
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1987) : C Is for Corpse
Anthony Awards Best Novel winner (1991) : G Is for Gumshoe
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (1991) : G Is for Gumshoe
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (1995) : K Is for Killer
Shamus Awards Best Hardcover Novel nominee (2018) : Y is for Yesterday

Sue Grafton recommends
Pale Grey for Guilt (1968)
(Travis McGee, book 9)
John D MacDonald
"...a dominant influence on writers crafting the continuing series character."
Fellowship of Fear (1982)
(Gideon Oliver, book 1)
Aaron Elkins
"First rate! Elegant, ingenious, and beautifully crafted."
The Death We Share (1995)
(Patricia Delaney, book 3)
Sharon Short
"A fine addition to the ranks of professional sleuths."
This Far, No Further (1996)
(Harding, book 1)
John Wessel
"One of the most exciting mystery debuts in years."
Double Cross (1998)
(Bert & Nan Tatum Mysteries, book 3)
Beverly Taylor Herald and Barbara Taylor McCafferty
"Double your pleasure, Double your fun."
Flashpoint (1999)
(Carlotta Carlyle, book 8)
Linda Barnes
"I'm crazy about Carlotta!... More! More! More!"
Bad Boy (2001)
Olivia Goldsmith
"Witty and wonderful."
Flight (2001)
(Irene Kelly, book 8)
Jan Burke
"Will keep you clinging to your armrests from beginning to end."
The Big Nap (2001)
(Mommy-Track, book 2)
Ayelet Waldman
"Kinsey Millhone would approve."
Ashes of Aries (2001)
(Elizabeth Chase, book 5)
Martha C Lawrence
"Save a spot on the bestseller list for Martha Lawrence."
Now's the Time (2002)
John Harvey
"Charlie Resnick is one of the most fully realized characters in modern crime fiction."
Vertical Burn (2002)
Earl W Emerson
"The most exciting book I've read in years."
Sweet and Lowdown (2002)
(Dorie Lennox, book 2)
Lise McClendon
"Dorie Lennox is a humdinger of a private eye."
Blues in the Night (2002)
(Molly Blume, book 1)
Rochelle Krich
"Blues in the Night is superb... Molly Blume is a fresh new presence... Smart, resourceful, and curious - not much escapes her."
Jamaica Blue (2002)
(Caribbean Mystery, book 1)
Don Bruns
"Don Bruns has staked out his turf... sex, drugs, rock & roll, and murder. What more could you want?"
Cold Pursuit (2003)
T Jefferson Parker
"I rank the crime novels of T. Jefferson Parker right up there with the best."
Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime (2006)
(Rat Pack Mystery, book 1)
Robert J Randisi
"FRANK SINATRA and DEAN MARTIN never knew how much trouble they were in until Robert Randisi stepped onto the scene. A gem of a read!"
Frames (2008)
(Valentino Mysteries, book 1)
Loren D Estleman
"Estleman has laid claim to a fresh new franchise, and the turf is all his. My hat's off to him."
Air Time (2009)
(Charlotte McNally Mystery, book 3)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Sassy, fast-paced and appealing. This is first-class entertainment."
Corrupt Practices (2013)
(Parker Stern, book 1)
Robert Rotstein
"This is a terrific book....A fresh take on the legal thriller....Maximum intrigue and suspence."
One Kick (2014)
(Kick Lannigan, book 1)
Chelsea Cain
"Chelsea Cain has staked her claim to new territory with One Kick which heralds an exciting new series. Fresh, original, engaging and tension-filled, this is a perfect introduction to Kick Lannigan, whose quest for justice you'll champion."
Doubt (2016)
(Finn Teller Corporate Spy, book 3)
Twist Phelan
"This book sizzles!."
Say Nothing (2017)
Brad Parks
"Terrific book. Truly terrific. Tension throughout and tears at the end. What could be better than that?"
Midwinter Murder (2020)
Agatha Christie
"Agatha Christie taught me many important lessons about the inner workings of the mystery novel before it ever occurred to me that I might one day be writing mysteries myself."

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