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Michael Hiebert is an award-winning author of novels and short stories.He lives in the Eastern Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, where its cold and wet in the winter and warm (and sometimes also wet) in the summer. He has cougars, and bears and deer. He has a dog named Chloe, three kids, and enough books that it became no fun to move quite a long time ago.
Detective Ink (with Jeff Ayers, Terry Persun, Mimzi Schradi and Susan Wingate)
Detective Ink (2015)
Rose Garden Arena Incident
1. Mosh Pit (2016)
2. Media Frenzy (2016)
3. 80 Proof (2016)
4. Ballads (2016)
5. Stalker Fan (2017)
6. Cranked (2017)
7. Swan Song (2017)