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David Joy was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1983. Joy moved to Cullowhee, North Carolina in 2003 to study literature at Western Carolina University. He received a BA in Literature in 2007 and an MA in Professional Writing in 2009. He mentored under Deidre Elliott, Ron Rash, and Pamela Duncan.

Genres: Mystery, Literary Fiction
Non fiction
Edgar Awards Best First Book nominee (2016) : Where All Light Tends to Go
Macavity Awards Best First Book nominee (2016) : Where All Light Tends to Go

David Joy recommends
The Far Empty (2016)
(Sheriff Chris Cherry, book 1)
J Todd Scott
"Balancing both the brutal and beautiful, J. Todd Scott has delivered a story that hangs around the neck long after the final page. Fearless, searing prose that reeks of honesty, 'The Far Empty' is as gritty and raw as sun-scorched earth."
Desperation Road (2017)
Michael Farris Smith
"A novel that lends dignity and grace to those too often damned, DESPERATION ROAD is fearless, guttural, and thunderously heartfelt. Quite simply one of our finest writers at work today, Michael Farris Smith has made his own place at the table."
Where the Crawdads Sing (2017)
Delia Owens
"Carries the rhythm of an old time ballad. It is clear Owens knows this land intimately, from the black mud sucking at footsteps to the taste of saltwater and the cry of seagulls."
The River of Kings (2017)
Taylor Brown
"With language as rich as floodplain soil, The River of Kings is a stunning Southern epic of tremendous heart and scope. Taylor Brown takes risks few other writers would chance and somehow manages to traverse those waters with an astounding grace and beauty."
The Sisters of Glass Ferry (2017)
Kim Michele Richardson
"Richardson has a knack for layering a landscape with secrets, for slowly revealing what’s hidden until suddenly you find what you've been chasing sitting in the palm of your hand. The Sisters of Glass Ferry is bountifully written—a place fully realized and packed with characters you won’t soon forget."
A Walk in the Fire (2018)
(Judah Cannon, book 2)
Steph Post
"WALK IN THE FIRE slings the Cannon family back on the page like a Molotov cocktail through a window. Few writers could coax a cast of characters this vast onto a single stage and orchestrate their story with such mastery. Post own the genre of North Florida noir."
Barbed Wire Heart (2018)
Tess Sharpe
"BARBED WIRE HEART is balanced on a knifepoint, a novel teetering between hope and fate, loyalty and betrayal. With a story of family and a narrator wrought hard as iron, Tess Sharpe has written a ballad of survival sung by a voice you'll never forget."
Crook's Hollow (2018)
Robert Parker (Rob Parker)
"A breakneck thriller slowed only by its subtle and masterful turns...a book to be relished and read again."
Three-Fifths (2019)
John Vercher
"Feverishly entertaining. Resoundingly important. A book treading this kind of ground should not be able to move this fast. THREE-FIFTHS is an honest, fearless page-burner. Vercher is a writer to watch."
Before Familiar Woods (2020)
Ian Pisarcik
"Pisarcik wields a poet’s eye, stacking images for a novel that flips and turns like the pages of a photo album. Before Familiar Woods is ripe with unforgettable characters. This is a debut to savor."
All Things Left Wild (2020)
James Wade
"James Wade has delivered a McCarthy-esque odyssey with an Elmore Leonard ear for dialogue. All Things Left Wild moves like a coyote across this cracked-earth landscape--relentlessly paced and ambitiously hungry."
Vanishing Falls (2020)
Poppy Gee
"Vanishing Falls is a game of Clue in the Tasmanian rainforest with a rich cast of characters and a flawlessly sketched locale. Poppy Gee has written the perfect kind of mystery: a world that feels at once fresh and familiar with a story that drives at a frenzied clip."
Even As We Breathe (2020)
Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle
"A period piece that illuminates and echoes our current time. A powerful story told by voices that ring true as scripture. Even As We Breathe is an awakening. This is a masterful debut from the writer we need right now."
You Want More (2020)
George Singleton
"People always ask what the one book you’d take to a deserted island. For me, it might be this one."
Rose Royal (2022)
Nicolas Mathieu
"Reminiscent of Chopin's The Awakening, Nicolas Mathieu has delivered a brief, fierce glimpse of lives compounded and compressed beneath the weight of patriarchy, where the control is as often mental as physical and the violence is as much silent as deafening."

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