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J.T. Ellison is a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College and received her Master's Degree from George Washington University. She was a Presidential Appointee and worked in The White House and the Department of Commerce before moving into the private sector. As a financial analyst and marketing director, she worked for several defense and aerospace contractors.

After moving to Nashville, Ellison began research on a passion, forensics and crime. She spent a great deal of time working with the Metro Nashville Police Department, and utilized those experiences to write her debut novel, All the Pretty Girls.

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Romantic Suspense
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J T Ellison recommends
The Summoner (2011)
(Dominic Grey, book 1)
Layton Green
"Part international thriller, part theology text, part philosophic treatise on good and evil, part intricate, unforgettable nightmare-inducing fever dream, The Diabolist has everything you want from a thriller. Layton Green is a master of intellectual suspense. This one’s a killer."
In The Bleak Midwinter (2011)
(Special Agent Constance Mandalay, book 1)
M R Sellars
"A superbly creepy supernatural thriller."
Hide and Seek (2014)
(September Day, book 2)
Amy Shojai
"...a creepy must read for animal lovers...Shojai knows her stuff."
Bohemian Gospel (2015)
(Bohemian Gospel, book 1)
Dana Chamblee Carpenter
"A grand, thought-provoking adventure in sorrow, joy and magic. One of the most intriguing novels you'll read this year."
The Final Seven (2016)
(Lightkeepers, book 1)
Erica Spindler
"Erica Spindler has long been an innovator, but she's created something truly special with this debut in her new thriller series, THE FINAL SEVEN. Engrossing, exciting, and genuinely scary, Spindler takes you on a relentless ride that doesn't let up until the last line. I can't wait to read the next Lightkeepers installment featuring Detectives Michaela Dare and Zach Harris - Spindler has created a partnership for the ages."
Flight of Dreams (2016)
Ariel Lawhon
"A magnificent, tour-de-force story, Flight of Dreams will break your heart and satisfy every conspiracy theorist who’s wondered what really happened to the Hindenburg. Simply spectacular. . . . Lawhon has written the book of the year. She’s a writer to watch—now, and for many years to come."
The Vanishing Year (2016)
Kate Moretti
"The Vanishing Year is more than an engaging tale of utter betrayal. It’s an intricate dance of realities, full of twists and turns you won’t see coming. Kate Moretti has outdone herself. You’ll miss your bedtime, guaranteed."
Are You Sleeping (2017)
Kathleen Barber
"If you like twisty psychological thrillers, this is your book."
Just Between Us (2017)
Rebecca Drake
"Fans of Liane Moriarty and B.A. Paris are going to love this twisty, diabolical suburban thriller. Clear your evening, you won't be able to put it down."
The Last Thing She Ever Did (2018)
Gregg Olsen
"Olsen's latest examines how a terrible, split-second decision has lingering effects, and the past echoes the present. Full of unexpected twists, The Last Thing She Ever Did will keep you guessing to the last line."
The Darkest Time of Night (2018)
(Darkest Time of Night, book 1)
Jeremy Finley
"A long-overdue Close Encounters for the modern age, The Darkest Time of Night is a top notch, scary and all-too-real debut with Hollywood written all over it. Thrilling speculative fiction at its finest. Finley is a talented new name to watch."
Somebody's Daughter (2018)
David Bell
"David Bell never disappoints. Somebody's Daughter is a stunner, full of twists and turns and duplicitous motivations. Bell's solid storytelling is as sharp and scary as ever. Fans of Harlan Coben will love this one."
Desperate Girls (2018)
(Wolfe Security, book 1)
Laura Griffin
"It takes great mastery to combine the terror of a scary killer with a fun, sexy romance. Griffin handles the balance perfectly in Desperate Girls. A nail-biting page turner…"
Rush (2018)
Lisa Patton
"What a beautiful, haunting novel. In addition to being an engaging, lush portrait of the phenomenon known as rush, and the importance of friendships that bond women for life, RUSH tackles some social injustices lingering in the South. Lisa Patton's work personifies 'be the change.' You have to read this book, and share it with everyone you know."
Before We Were Strangers (2018)
Brenda Novak
"What a book! Before We Were Strangers is dark and compelling, an excellent thriller with heart-pounding twists, full of secrets and lies, and all too real. This is Novak at her sweet and sinister best in a story that could be happening in the house next door. Who is telling the truth? You won't know until the explosive end..."
Hunting Annabelle (2018)
Wendy Heard
"Dynamic, compelling, and totally twisted, Hunting Annabelle blew me away. I'm still reeling. What a mind Wendy Heard has. What a debut!"
The Stranger Inside (2019)
Laura Benedict
"Laura Benedict turns her unique voice in suspense to this elegant scary mystery, where nothing is as it seems and one woman's truth is shattered by the hidden secrets of her past."
Dear Wife (2019)
Kimberly Belle
"Subtle, insidious, clever... DEAR WIFE is spellbinding. I was hooked from the first page. You're going to love Kimberly Belle's latest outing. And you aren't going to see it coming..."
I'll Never Tell (2019)
Catherine McKenzie
"You can never go wrong with a Catherine McKenzie novel. Consistently superb suspense that doesn’t disappoint. Stunning!"
The Third to Die (2020)
(Quinn & Costa Thriller, book 1)
Allison Brennan
"Riveting, terrifying, and simply fantastic. Brennan ratchets up the tension to the breaking point with her new FBI MRT team chasing a devious killer. This is classic crime fiction at its best. With deep characterizations and a truly scary villain driving the twisted plot, this is the start of a brilliant new series from the queen of the thriller."
All Your Twisted Secrets (2020)
Diana Urban
"ll Your Twisted Secrets is an absolute nail-biter. Diana Urban takes the locked room puzzle mystery and gives it a modern, scary, young adult twist. Young fans of Agatha Christie will be entranced. A stellar new voice to watch."
The Perfect Marriage (2020)
Jeneva Rose
"A book to be read in one gulp-this dastardly debut flies to a shocking reveal. I couldn't put it down; I had to see what happened. Twists galore..."
White Out (2020)
(Badlands, book 1)
Danielle Girard
"White Out is a superb thriller—intense, intricate, and so intriguing. Detective Kylie Milliard is a badass, and Girard is a one heck of a storyteller. The start of a fabulous new series."
Never Turn Back (2020)
(Faulkner Family Thriller, book 1)
Christopher Swann
"Christopher Swann never disappoints. Swann's unmistakable voice catapults this suspenseful story to the finish line, one dark secret at a time. A must-read."
This Secret Thing (2020)
Marybeth Mayhew Whalen
"A deeply satisfying story of secrets, scandal, and the repercussions of the decisions we make, This Secret Thing is brimming with menace and hope, and showcases Whalen’s talent for bringing her multi-layered characters to life. An impressive page-turner with heart and soul."
Sweet Water (2021)
Cara Reinard
"A remarkable tale of family loyalties and lies set in a fresh new world. Fans of Defending Jacob—both the book and the television show—will relish this sinister story of the lengths two parents will go to in order to protect their child."
Do No Harm (2021)
Christina McDonald
"Christina McDonald has a real talent for bringing suburban domestic suspense to life, and showcases it to great effect in Do No Harm. Tense, taut, and absolutely unmissable, you'll find yourself wondering how far YOU would go to save your child's life."
The Jigsaw Man (2021)
(Inspector Anjelica Henley, book 1)
Nadine Matheson
"I love a good cat and mouse between a detective and a killer, and Nadine Matheson’s thriller debut The Jigsaw Man fits the bill. The relationship between DI Anjelica Henley and Peter Olivier is perfectly creepy—not to mention Olivier's freaky copycat slaughtering his way through London. From the shocking opening to the explosive ending, I couldn’t look away. The chilling storyline, intense characters, vivid prose, and unflinching crime scenes make Matheson the heir apparent to Mo Hayder and Thomas Harris. Smashing!"
The Shadow People (2021)
Joe Clifford
"The heir apparent to chandler."
Dark Roads (2021)
Chevy Stevens
"Aptly named, Dark Roads is deep, dark, and unsettling. From the opening page, it's clear you're in the hands of a master storyteller. The missing, the dead, those left behind, the ones who know what's happened, all explode onto the page. With brilliant characterizations, tight plotting, and a setting bound to give you chills, this is Steven's finest book to date. A tour de force mystery you do not want to miss."
Where I Left Her (2021)
Amber Garza
"Amber Garza's Where I Left Her taps into every parent's worst nightmare, a child gone missing, and worse, the discovery of a hidden internet world that shows they've been hiding a life from you. In this high-tension domestic drama, nothing is as it seems. Don't look away, you won't want to miss a thing!"
The Orphan Witch (2021)
Paige Crutcher
"Mystical, magical, and wildly original, THE ORPHAN WITCH is a great story from an exciting new voice in fantasy. Persephone May is a witch for the ages, a tough, uncompromising, powerful time walker with a wicked gaze and a heart of gold. Her journey to find her family and herself and the lost witches of Wile Ilse is both rollicking adventure and intimate exploration. If Alice Hoffman and Sara Addison Allen had a witchy love child, she would be Paige Crutcher. Do not miss this beautifully realized debut!"
Last Girl Ghosted (2021)
Lisa Unger
"Lisa Unger is our most inventive suspense author, and she's created another fascinating, timely, and insanely good story with LAST GIRL GHOSTED… Clear your calendar and lock the doors. You will not be able to stop reading."
Nanny Needed (2021)
Georgina Cross
"An inventive tale perfect for fans of Riley Sager and Sara Gran, Nanny Needed is a sly exploration of madness as it escalates to consume an entire family—and the nanny who must keep their secrets from the world. With intensely gothic vibes, this story is creepy, sinister, and unmissable."
The Night She Went Missing (2022)
Kristen Bird
"A great new voice in suspense... perfect for fans of Big Little Lies who thrive on stories of deceit in the suburban world. Beautiful writing and impressive character development anchor a truly devious plot."
The Lawless Land (2022)
(Tales of the Lawless Land, book 1)
Beth Morrison and Boyd Morrison
"A gallant knight, a witty heroine, a quest for the ages... The Morrisons have created a thrilling medieval adventure packed with fascinating historical detail. The Lawless Land combines the rich historical tapestry of Umberto Eco and the relentless pace and adventure of Clive Cussler into a brilliant new series. I can't wait to see where Fox goes next!"
Smile Beach Murder (2022)
(Outer Banks Bookshop Mystery, book 1)
Alicia Bessette
"A perfectly plotted mystery from a wonderful writer, Smile Beach Murder is everything I want from a cozy--barrier-island beaches, a welcoming bookshop, a quaint small town--all balanced against deep secrets and complicated deaths. Callie Padget is a sharp and compassionate amateur sleuth with a compelling backstory, and a quirky cast of characters, family and townspeople alike, round out the story. I can't wait to see what washes up next on the shores of Cattail Island!"
Complicit (2022)
Winnie M Li
"COMPLICIT is simply brilliant. Beautiful writing, a compelling story, an intriguing structure - I was captivated from the first paragraph to the last. Li pulls back the veil on the glamorous film industry to show its less-than-savory side, yes, but it's the empathetic lead Sarah Lei who makes the novel truly special. Her journey from eager film student to capable producer to wise and remorseful screenwriting teacher blowing the whistle on a former colleague will touch the hearts of anyone who's made choices that they later regret. Like the fallout from the #MeToo movement, this story will resonate for years to come."
Dead Drop (2022)
(Detective Nathan Parker, book 1)
James L'Etoile
"An incredible story that grabs you by the throat and tosses you across the room. L'Etoile is a gem."
The Other Side of Night (2022)
Adam Hamdy
"Inventive, clever, and completely original, Hamdy's latest effort is simply terrific. Don't miss it."
Lovely Girls (2023)
Margot Hunt
"I couldn't turn the pages fast enough - mean girls, mean moms, the new girl in town, capped off by a superb mystery - Margot Hunt has such a deft hand with the clues that you'll never see it coming."
The Senator's Wife (2023)
Liv Constantine
"A thrilling new story from Liv Constantine set in the dark heart of Washington, DC, The Senator's Wife is full of grit, grift, and tons of insider secrets. It's insidiously clever and utterly mesmerizing."

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