Michael Kilian

USA flag (1939 - 2005)

aka Rex Dancer

Michael Kilian was a journalist and author. He was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Chicago and Westchester, New York. Kilian died on 26 October 2005 from illness and was interred at Arlington National Cemetery. In addition to being a long-time correspondent for the Chicago Tribune in Washington, D.C., Kilian was an accomplished author of numerous books, including the "Harrison Raines Civil War" mysteries. His father was instrumental in his education of the Civil War era and in visiting the many battlefield sites. His family includes early settlers of Virginia and New York, and Union soldiers who died at Fredericksburg and fought at Gettysburg on Little Round Top. Kilian is survived by his wife of 35 years and two sons.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction
   Who runs Chicago? (1979)
   Who Runs Washington? (1982) (with Arnold Sawislak)
   Flying Can Be Fun (1985)
   Heavy Losses (1985)