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Brief bit about Louisa Luna's background, Born and raised in San Francisco, she attended college at New York University.Louisa Luna currently resides in New York City. Brave New Girl was her first novel.

Genres: Mystery

Alice Vega
   1. Two Girls Down (2018)
   2. The Janes (2020)
   3. Hideout (2022)
Louisa Luna recommends
The Late Bloomer (2018)
Mark Falkin
"Harrowing, unsettling and exquisitely written, The Late Bloomer is part War of the Worlds, part Twilight Zone, and part Shirley Jackson. It is an unforgettable, unforgiving vision of the end of the world, of those who attempt to survive and those who wish to stop them. The images conjured here will haunt you long after putting it down. Good luck, dear reader."
The Plotters (2018)
Un-su Kim
"Imagine a mash-up of Tarantino and Camus set in contemporary Seoul, and you have The Plotters. Filled with unexpected humour and exquisite fight scenes."
You Can't Catch Me (2020)
Catherine McKenzie
"Catherine McKenzie proves once again she is a master of the psychological sleight of hand. Reading You Can’t Catch Me is like being blindfolded and spun around so many times that when you finally see straight, you can’t tell who’s good, who’s bad, or who holds the cards. Unputdownable."

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