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Allan Mallinson

UK flag (b.1949)

Brigadier Allan Mallinson was a serving cavalry officer. Besides the Matthew Hervey series, he is the author of Light Dragoons, a history of four regiments of British Cavalry, one of which he commanded, and a regular reviewer for The Times and the Spectator.

Genres: Historical
Matthew Hervey
   1. A Close Run Thing (1999)
   2. The Nizam's Daughters (2000)
     aka Honorable Company
   3. A Regimental Affair (2001)
   4. A Call to Arms (2002)
   5. The Sabre's Edge (2003)
   6. Rumours of War (2004)
   7. An Act of Courage (2005)
   8. Company of Spears (2006)
   9. Man of War (2007)
   10. Warrior (2008)
   11. On His Majesty's Service (2011)
   12. Words of Command (2015)
   13. The Passage to India (2018)