Helen McCloy

(Helen Worrell Clarkson McCloy)
USA flag (1904 - 1993)

Helen McCloy was born in New York City. Her mother was the writer Helen Worrell McCloy and father, William McCloy, was the long time managing editor of the New York Evening Sun. She was educated at the Friend's School, run by Brooklyn's Quaker community. In 1923,she went to France, where she attended in 1923-24 the Sorbonne, Paris.She then worked for Hearst's Universal News Service (1927-32), as an art critic for International Studio and other magazines, and free-lance contributor to London Morning Post and Parnassus. McCloy returned to the United States in 1932.

Genres: Mystery
   Do Not Disturb (1943)
   Panic (1944)
   She Walks Alone (1948)
     aka Wish You Were Dead
   Better Off Dead (1949)
   He Never Came Back (1954)
     aka Unfinished Crime
   The Slayer and the Slain (1957)
   Before I Die (1963)
   The Further Side of Fear (1967)
   Question of Time (1971)
   A Change of Heart (1973)
   The Sleepwalker (1974)
   Minotaur Country (1975)
   Cruel as the Grave (1976)
     aka The Changeling Conspiracy
   The Imposter (1977)
   The Smoking Mirror (1979)
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   Surprise, Surprise (1965)
     aka The Singing Diamonds
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Short stories
Through a Glass, Darkly [short story] (1948)