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Richard Marsh

(Bernard Heldmann)
UK flag (1857 - 1915)
Grandfather of Robert Aickman

Richard Marsh was the pseudonym of the British author born Richard Bernard Heldmann. He is best known for his supernatural thriller The Beetle: A Mystery, published in the same year as Bram Stoker's Dracula and initially even more popular. The Beetle remained in print until 1960, and was subsequently resurrected in 2004 and 2007. Heldman was educated at Eton and Oxford University. He began to publish short stories, mostly adventure tales, as "Bernard Heldmann," before adopting the name "Richard Marsh" in 1893. Several of the prolific Marsh's novels were published posthumously.
Anthologies containing stories by Richard Marsh
Short stories
An Experience
The Fifteenth Man
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Staunton's Dinner
The Strange Occurrences in Centerstone Jail
A Substitute
To Be Used Against Him
The Violin
A Set of Chessmen (1890)
The Pipe (1898)
The Houseboat (1900)
The Mask (1900)
The Photographs (1900)
A Psychological Experiment (1900)
The Seen and the Unseen [short story] (1900)
A Silent Witness (1900)
The Disappearance of Mrs Macrecham (1901)
The Harmsworth Magazine (1902)
The Haunted Chair [short story] (1902)