Flann O'Brien's picture

Flann O'Brien

(Brian O'Nolan)
Ireland (1911 - 1966)

aka Myles Na Gopaleen

Flann O'Brien is the pseudonym of Brian O'Nolan who was born in Co. Tyrone in 1911. He lived in Dublin with his wife until his death in 1966. A graduate of University College, his career as a writer extended from his student days, through his years in the Civil Service and the years following his resignation. His novels include At Swim-Two-Birds, The Dalkey Archive, The Hard Life, The Third Policeman and The Poor Mouth.
Non fiction
   Cruiskeen Lawn (1943) (as by Myles Na Gopaleen)
   The Best of Myles (1968) (as by Myles Na Gopaleen)
   The Collected Letters of Flann O'Brien (2018)
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Anthologies containing stories by Flann O'Brien
Short stories
John Duffy's Brother (1941)

Books about Flann O'Brien
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