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Charles Platt

(Charles Michael Platt)
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aka Aston Cantwell, Robert Clarke, Charlotte Prentiss, Blakely St. James external link

Charles Platt (born in London, England) is the author of 41 fiction and nonfiction books, including science-fiction novels such as The Silicon Man and Protektor (published in paperback by Avon Books). He has also written non-fiction, particularly on the subjects of computer technology and cryonics, as well as teaching and working in these fields. Platt relocated from England to the United States in 1970 and is a naturalized U. S. citizen.

Genres: Science Fiction
Garbage World (1967)
The Gas (1968)
The City Dwellers (1970)
     aka Twilight of the City
The Image Job (1971)
Planet of the Voles (1971)
The Power and the Pain (1972)
Outdoor Survival (1976)
Sweet Evil (1977)
Love's Savage Embrace (1981) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
Tease for Two (1983) (as by Aston Cantwell)
Double Delight (1983) (as by Aston Cantwell)
Less Than Human (1986) (as by Robert Clarke)
Free Zone (1988)
Children of the Ice (1993) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
People of the Mesa (1995) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
Children of the Sun (1995) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
Protektor (1996)
The Island Tribe (1997) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
The Ocean Tribe (1998) (as by Charlotte Prentiss)
Loose Canon (2001)
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Highway Sandwiches (poems) (1970) (with Thomas M Disch and Marilyn Hacker)
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Non fiction
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Short stories
The Rodent Laboratory

John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (1992) : The Silicon Man
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1994) : The Silicon Man