Kimberly King Parsons

Kimberly King Parsons recommends
Boys of Alabama (2020)
Genevieve Hudson
"Boys of Alabama perfectly captures the magic and inevitable heartache of young lust."
Kept Animals (2020)
Kate Milliken
"A wildly compelling and all-consuming debut, Kept Animals flares with the unforgettable voices and textures of adolescence. Milliken precisely captures the danger, anxiety, and white-hot hunger of being a teenage girl on the cusp—and she does so in prose full of wit, brazen beauty, and style."
Pizza Girl (2020)
Jean Kyoung Frazier
"In fearless, propulsive prose, Jean Kyoung Frazier perfectly captures the listless ache of a grieving, aimless teen on the cusp of terrifying responsibility. A sublime ode to obsessive outcasts and lovable screw-ups everywhere, Pizza Girl is irresistible and bold, brutal and sweet, with an ending that will thrash your heart."
The Bright Lands (2020)
John Fram
"John Fram’s gripping debut announces a remarkable talent—this prose is tight, stylish, and explosive, depicting a Texas that is by turns lusty and menacing, supersaturated and bleak. As propulsive as it is pitch dark, The Bright Lands will seep into the shadowy contours of your most unsettling, unforgettable dreams."
Sensation Machines (2020)
Adam Wilson
"Sensation Machines is pitch dark and pitch perfect—a whip-smart take on marriage, capitalism, grief, and loneliness in a farcical, not-so-distant future. Adam Wilson effortlessly toggles between wry humor and genuine existential dread; the result is lyrical and lewd, brilliant and bleak."
A Room Called Earth (2020)
Madeleine Ryan
"A Room Called Earth offers a strikingly unique look at intimacy, identity, and time itself. From now on I want every novel to be this fiercely authentic, this assured, this untethered from the status quo. Madeleine Ryan is a wholly original writer; this debut announces a tremendous talent."
Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons (2021)
Keith Rosson
"Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons is full of magic, but Rosson manages to glaze even the everyday with a singular glow. Wild, weird, quietly unsettling, beautifully absurd - each of these stories is bound by the riskiest and most rewarding human endeavor: a desire for connection."
Milk Blood Heat (2021)
Dantiel W Moniz
"Wild and lush, Milk Blood Heat is teeming with complex women and girls: the contours of their relationships, their fears, their many desires. Moniz mesmerizes and unnerves in prose so precise and decadent it rises to incantation."
The Brittanys (2021)
Brittany Ackerman
"Full of brilliantly-rendered awkwardness and the hilarious minor horrors of a privileged adolescence, The Brittanys shimmers with the everyday incandescence of youth—car rides and homework, tampons and eyeliner, questionable fashion choices. Ackerman writes convincingly and empathetically about fourteen-year-old girls caught in that painful, exhilarating span of becoming. For anyone who has ever dyed their own hair, worn an absurd outfit, had a crush on someone ridiculous, or said the wrong thing—in other words, for anyone who was once a teenager—this book is for you."
Here Lies (2022)
Olivia Clare Friedman
"Here Lies is a work of astonishing, exacting beauty that captures both the pinhole longing of personal grief and the expansive pleasure of closely observed, deeply felt moments between women. Friedman writes the kind of prose you want to till and turn over with your hands - sentences so lush and exquisite they deserve to be held up and cherished in sunlight."
Out There (2022)
Kate Folk
"Wry, riveting, and ambitious, Out There manages to be both brilliantly inventive and emotionally resonant. Hilarious and unsettling, full of unforgettable voices and gleeful, exacting prose, this is a sharp and stylish debut."

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