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Steven Pressfield is an American novelist and author of screenplays, principally of military historical fiction set in classical antiquity. His historical fiction is well-researched, but for the sake of dramatic flow, Pressfield may alter some details, like the sequence of events, or make use of jarring contemporary terms and place names, his stated aim being an attempt to capture the spirit of the times.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, General Fiction, Thriller
Steven Pressfield recommends
The Crusader (2001)
Michael Alexander Eisner
"The thinking man's swashbuckler, a ripping yarn that packs a cerebral wallop."
Mother of the Believers (2009)
Kamran Pasha
"Superbly written, brilliantly realized."
The Gladiator (2012)
(Spartacus , book 1)
Ben Kane
"Gritty, passionate and violent, this thrilling book is a real page-turner and a damn good read. It brings Spartacus - and ancient Rome - to vivid, colorful life."
The Child of Vengeance (2013)
(Samurai, book 1)
David Kirk
"I've been fascinated by Musashi Miyamoto since I first read 'The Book of Five Rings' in college. David Kirk's 'Child of Vengeance' restores my faith in historical fiction to bring lost worlds to life. Bravo! The keenest and most vivid evocation of the inner life of the East since James Clavell's 'Shogun.'"
God of Vengeance (2014)
(Rise of Sigurd, book 1)
Giles Kristian
"This is the best kind of storytelling - a saga full of blood and thunder that grabs you and doesn't let go until long after the final page is turned."
Cold Barrel Zero (2016)
(John Hayes, book 1)
Matthew Quirk
"What separates Matt Quirk from other military thriller writers is his insider chops as a journalist who has covered the real-world versions of the stories he tells. Cold Barrel Zero is gripping and utterly convincing. It's the tale real agents and operators would tell if they had Matt Quirk's storytelling genius."
The Soul of a Thief (2018)
Steven Hartov
"An old-fashioned 'ripping yarn' from a master writer who knows how to keep the characters vivid, the plot twisting, and the action coming hot and heavy."
Once We Were Here (2020)
Christopher Cosmos
"Winston Churchill said that Greeks don't fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks, and this story proves it; a stunning literary debut about legacy and history, war and peace, fate and destiny, the power of family and stories, and how young love can still shine and endure, even in the face of the greatest evils, and long after we're gone."

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