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Alix Rickloff

aka Alexa Egan

A writer of historical-paranormal romance, Alix Rickloff blends her lifelong love of Austen and Tolkein to create a compelling world of magic and enchantment set during the British Regency period. Her books have been described as "sexy and intense", "exciting and spellbinding" and "a universe you won't ever wish to leave".

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Historical
Alix Rickloff recommends
Next Year in Havana (2018)
(Cuba Saga, book 1)
Chanel Cleeton
"Chanel Cleeton delivers an amazing and captivating read!"
The Girl in White Gloves (2020)
Kerri Maher
"A perfect jewel of a novel. While this is very much Kelly's story, it's Maher's broader themes of challenging expectations and finding one's voice that set this book apart. She has definitely earned her spot on my auto-read list."
The Woman Before Wallis (2020)
Bryn Turnbull
"Thelma Furness is brought to glorious life . . . Readers will delight in Turnbull’s masterful weaving of high society, royal shenanigans, and family scandal as they rediscover one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating women. I look forward to reading more from this dazzling new author."

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