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Bryn Turnbull is a Toronto-based author and professional communicator. ... Andrews, a Master of Professional Communication from Ryerson University, and a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Bryn focuses on finding the stories of women found within the cracks of the historical record.

Genres: Historical
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Bryn Turnbull recommends
The Royal Windsor Secret (2023)
Christine Wells
"In The Royal Windsor Secret, Christine Wells takes a fascinating chapter in the Duke of Windsor's early life and gives it an equally fascinating coda in the form of a love child, who shares all of the duke's passion and impulsivity, and yearns for a life beyond what she already knows. The truth of Cleo's parentage will have you turning pages until the very end, while Cleo's search for fulfilment - creative, professional, social, and romantic - results in a beautifully told tale."
The Keeper of Hidden Books (2023)
Madeline Martin
"The Keeper of Hidden Books is a powerful and poignant tour de force chronicling the efforts of Warsaw's librarians and book-lovers to keep Poland's culture alive during the dark days of the German Occupation. Impeccably researched and beautifully written, The Keeper of Hidden Books reads as a love letter to family, friendship, and the power of literature to sustain, inspire, and endure."
A Beautiful Rival (2023)
Gill Paul
"A fascinating insight into two titans of the cosmetic industry, mirror images in business and in love, both insatiable in their ambition yet hobbled by their flaws. Readers will love this juicy and well told tale."
Long Gone, Come Home (2023)
Monica Chenault-Kilgore
"Monica Chenault-Kilgore's Long Gone, Come Home is a big-hearted story of perseverance, family, and ambition set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and the racial intolerances of the early 20th century. In Birdie, Chenault-Kilgore has created an unforgettable heroine whose resilience and determination will resonate long after you finish reading."
The Porcelain Moon (2023)
Janie Chang
"Captivating from the outset, The Porcelain Moon tells a story of found family and forbidden love, while showcasing the lesser-known contribution of Chinese workers to the Allied cause in WWI. This tender and beautifully written story is Janie Chang at her best!"
The Girls in Navy Blue (2022)
Alix Rickloff
"Alix Rickloff's THE GIRLS IN NAVY BLUE is a thrilling story showcasing the wartime contribution of a forgotten sisterhood of soldiers: the yeomanettes, brave women who answered the call during the First World War and served their country with dignity and resilience. Pulling together the experiences of three yeomanettes and one of their descendants, Rickloff beautifully depicts how secrets and sisterhood can resonate through the years."

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