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Jennifer Robson first learned about the Great War from her father, acclaimed historian Stuart Robson, and later served as an official guide at the Canadian National War Memorial at Vimy Ridge, France. A former copy editor, she holds a doctorate in British economic and social history from the University of Oxford. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and young children.

Genres: Historical
Great War
   1. Somewhere in France (2013)
   2. After the War is Over (2014)
   3. Moonlight over Paris (2015)
   Goodnight from London (2017)
   The Gown (2018)
   Our Darkest Night (2021)
   Coronation Year (2023)
   Fall of Poppies (2016) (with others)
Novellas and Short Stories
Jennifer Robson recommends
Sisters of Night and Fog (2022)
Erika Robuck
"Few writers are as skilled as Erika Robuck at the exacting art of spinning the raw truth of history into the vital tapestry of fiction. With Sisters of Night and Fog, based upon the experiences of renowned WWII SOE agents Violette Szabo and Virginia d'Albert-Lake, Robuck works her magic again. She takes the well-documented stories of these two women, whose courage under the most harrowing circumstances almost defies description, and she makes us believe. This impeccably researched and profoundly moving novel will stay with readers long after its devastating and heartfelt conclusion, and they will marvel, as I did, at the valour of its heroines and the artistry of its author."
The Woman at the Front (2021)
Lecia Cornwall
"An absorbing and immersive portrait of a woman whose courage, determination, and resolve would be exceptional in any age--but forged in the crucible of the Great War, tested again and again by a society riven by change, Dr. Eleanor Atherton is a heroine I will not soon forget...The Woman at the Front is a beautiful book about a terrible war, and the light it shines on the valor of those at the front lines--the medics, the stretcher-bearers, and the wounded themselves--is both welcome and overdue."
The Holiday Swap (2021)
Maggie Knox
"I love this book! It is deliciously fun and wildly romantic, and the dual settings of a baking show set in LA and a family-run bakery in a small snowy town feels like Great British Bakeoff meets Gilmore Girls.… I wanted to befriend the twins, throttle the villains, fall in love with the heroes—and bake up some sourdough."
The Woman with the Blue Star (2021)
Pam Jenoff
"As I read this searing story of the Holocaust, I was transported, heart and soul, to a moment in history that still defies comprehension. In Pam Jenoff's sure and sensitive hands, however, this is a story of friendship, love, and hope - hope that transcends even the darkest days of our past. The Woman with the Blue Star is a profoundly moving novel from a writer who is, deservedly, both admired and beloved for the truth, power, and beauty of her work."
Letters Across the Sea (2021)
Genevieve Graham
"I always look forward to diving into a Genevieve Graham novel, because I know I’ll be swept away by her meticulous evocation of the past, her memorable and wonderfully observed characters, and her unmatchable flair for shining a light into the neglected corners of our shared past. In Letters Across the Sea, she sends us from 1930s Toronto, then under siege by a relentless plague of anti-Semitism, to a different battleground altogether: the last stand of Canadian troops at the Battle of Hong Kong. This is history worth remembering—and fiction that both enlightens and entertains."
Courage, My Love (2021)
Kristin Beck
"In Courage, My Love, a deeply moving novel of Italy in the Second World War, Kristin Beck plunges the reader deep into the lives of Lucia and Francesca, two women united at first by circumstance and eventually by friendship. It illuminates, often to heartrending effect, the uncertainty, upheaval, violence and viciousness of the Nazi occupation of Rome; and it portrays, with sensitivity and profound empathy, the many ways in which ordinary people confronted evil with selflessness and true valor. In this wonderful novel, Beck brings a lesser-known chapter of wartime history to vivid life with settings that are perfectly observed, down to the smallest detail, and with characters so imperfectly real they all but jump from the page. Courage, My Love is a beautiful and breathtaking book. It is certainly one of the finest works of World War Two historical fiction I have ever read."

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