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Hannu Rajaniemi

Finland (b.1978)

Hannu was born in Ylivieska, Finland and survived the polar bears, the freezing cold and the Nokia recruiting agents long enough to graduate from the University of Oulu. After brief stints in Cambridge University and working as a research scientist for the Finnish Defence Forces, he moved to Edinburgh and is now working on his PhD thesis in string theory.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies edited
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2011) : The Quantum Thief
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2013) : The Fractal Prince

Hannu Rajaniemi recommends
The Freeze-Frame Revolution (2018)
Peter Watts
"Watts takes familiar-seeming SF tropes and accelerates them towards lightspeed, until they become something chillingly other. A gripping tale where galactic timescales collide with biology and age-old human dilemmas."
Empress of Forever (2019)
Max Gladstone
"Empress of Forever is a spaceship. It blasts through a vast sparkling cosmos, powered by myth and Gladstone's boundless imagination, crewed by characters you can't help but love."
The Moonday Letters (2022)
Emmi Itäranta
"The Moonday Letters is a thing entirely its own, full of melancholy, a sense of wonder and hope. It takes you on a shamanistic journey to a living and breathing future, carried by a mystery that slowly unravels. Iteranta is a compelling narrator who also knows when to pause to conjure stunning images with her always confident, exquisitely polished prose."

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