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Ada Palmer is an author of science fiction and fantasy, a historian, and a composer. 

She teaches in the History Department at the University of Chicago, and did her Ph.D. at Harvard University. She composes close harmony folk music with mythological, science fiction and fantasy themes, and performs with the a cappella group Sassafrass.

 She also studies the history of manga anime, especially the "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka.

Awards: Astounding (2017)  see all

Genres: Science Fiction
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October 2024

Trace Elements
Terra Ignota
   1. Too Like the Lightning (2016)
   2. Seven Surrenders (2017)
   3. The Will to Battle (2017)
   4. Perhaps the Stars (2021)
   Trace Elements (2024) (with Jo Walton)
Ada Palmer recommends
The Tatami Galaxy (2022)
Tomihiko Morimi
"Rich, unusual, and surprisingly profound, The Tatami Galaxy is a gorgeous application of the fantastic to celebrate the precious parts of life that we often forget."
A Half-Built Garden (2022)
Ruthanna Emrys
"An incisive, meaty, dive into an imperfect future shaped by the hard truth that escaping a bad system is the easy part, building better is where the work begins. Emrys masterfully demonstrates how a medium-good future can send more chilling warnings than dystopia about how hard making a good world truly is."
Never Have I Ever (2021)
Isabel Yap
"Beautifully crafted. . . . Delightful."

2017 Astounding Award for Best New Writer : Too Like the Lightning

Award nominations
2018 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : Seven Surrenders
2017 Hugo Award for Best Novel (nominee) : Too Like the Lightning

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