A R Morlan

(Arlette Renee Morlan)
USA flag (1958 - 2016)

aka Renee M Charles, Ana Rose Morlan

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   5. Black Cat Weekly #5 (2021) (with Jay Brandon, Hal Charles, Milton Lesser, Richard Matheson, Frank Lovell Nelson, William O'Farrell, Jane Roth and Darrell Schweitzer)
   6. Black Cat Weekly #6 (2021) (with John Gregory Betancourt, Hal Charles, Bobbi A Chukran, Ralph Milne Farley, Barb Goffman, Dashiell Hammett, Frank Lovell Nelson, E Nesbit and Dwight V Swain)
   7. Black Cat Weekly #7 (2021) (with John Gregory Betancourt, Reginald Bretnor, Hal Charles, Andy Duncan, Milton Lesser, Ruth Malone, Adam Meyer, Frank Lovell Nelson and Frank M Robinson)
   9. Black Cat Weekly #9 (2021) (with H Bedford-Jones, John Gregory Betancourt, Hal Charles, Amelia B Edwards, Milton Lesser, Lee Mayers, Michael Nethercott, Kris Neville and Lee Roberts)
Anthology series
Anthologies containing stories by A R Morlan
Short stories
The Magazine Lady (1985)
Pillaging Poe (1986)
Mothrasaurus (1991)
The Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World (1991)
The Best Lives of Our Years (1993)
Tattoo (1993)
The Toddler Pit (1993)
And the Horses Hiss at Midnight (1994)
He's Hot, He's Sexy, He's... (1994)
Yet Another Poisoned Apple for the Fairy Princess (1994)
Bringing It Along (1995)
Genus Olisbos (1996) (as by Renee M Charles)
Mist Kisses (1996) (as by Renee M Charles)
A Model of Transformation (1996) (as by Renee M Charles)
No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be... (1996)
Rubbing Magic's Lantern (1996) (as by Renee M Charles)
...Warmer (1996)
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (1997)
Camera Orgasmos (1998) (as by Renee M Charles)
That Dress (1999)