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Sarah Rayne

UK flag (b.1947)

aka Frances Gordon, Bridget Wood

After a convent education, which included writing plays for the Lower Third to perform, Sarah Rayne embarked on a variety of jobs, but - probably inevitably - returned again and again to writing. Her first novel appeared in 1982, and since then her books have also been published in America, Holland and Germany.

The daughter of an Irish comedy actor, she was for many years active in amateur theatre, and lists among her hobbies, theatre, history, music, and old houses - much of her inspiration comes from old buildings and their histories and atmospheres. To these interests, she adds ghosts and ghost stories, and - having grown up in the Sixties - good conversation around a well-stocked dinner table.

Genres: Horror, Mystery
Mask of the Fox (1982) (as by Bridget Wood)
The Chessmen (1983) (as by Bridget Wood)
Devil in Amber (1984) (as by Bridget Wood)
Rose Window (1985) (as by Bridget Wood)
Minstrel's Lute (1987) (as by Bridget Wood)
Satanic Lute (1987) (as by Bridget Wood)
Blood Ritual (1994) (as by Frances Gordon)
The Devil's Piper (1995) (as by Frances Gordon)
The Burning Altar (1996) (as by Frances Gordon)
Thorn (1997) (as by Frances Gordon)
Changeling (1998) (as by Frances Gordon)
Wolf (1999) (as by Frances Gordon)
Wildwood (1999) (as by Frances Gordon)
Tower of Silence (2003)
Roots of Evil (2005)
A Dark Dividing (2005)
Spider Light (2006)
The Death Chamber (2008)
Ghost Song (2009)
House of the Lost (2010)
What Lies Beneath (2011)
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