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Helen Schulman is an American novelist, short story, non-fiction, and screenwriter born in April 1961. Her fifth novel, This Beautiful Life, was an international bestseller, and was chosen in the 100 Notable Books of 2011 by the New York Times Book Review

Genres: Mystery, Literary Fiction
   Not a Free Show (1988)
   Gifts of God (poems) (1989)
   Haiku Reflections (poems) (2019)
Helen Schulman recommends
What Happened to Sophie Wilder (2012)
Christopher Beha
"Beha has managed to produce a book that satisfying for anyone who reads in order to live."
The Possessions (2017)
Sara Flannery Murphy
"A literary descendant of the iconic novels Rebecca and Never Let Me Go, Sara Flannery Murphy's haunting, auspicious debut explores the enduring nature of grief and guilt and the myriad ways the uses of the body can stave off the loneliness of the soul."
With or Without You (2020)
Caroline Leavitt
"In With or Without You, Caroline Leavitt once again explores disaster's aftermath and its affect on the lives of ordinary people tethered by love and shared history. What makes this novel so poignant, and also makes it feel so true, is that there is no going back. There is only now, the newness of their altered realities and the courage to continue."
The Northern Reach (2021)
W S Winslow
"There should be a term for that rare, specific pleasure when a writer takes you to place you've never been and by the time the book is finished you feel like you know the landscape and its people as well as you do your own…Winslow's debut novel is such a book, her clear-eyed vision of a small town in Maine is both steely and humane, and as transporting as a ticket home."
The Shimmering State (2021)
Meredith Westgate
"Who are we without our memories? Who might we be if we could relive someone else's? Meredith Westgate's captivating first novel wrestles with these existential questions without sacrificing her characters' distinctive and emotional essences. An impressive, unsettling, and surprisingly romantic debut."
Like Me (2022)
Hayley Phelan
"Hayley Phelan's captivating debut Like Me, with its glittery influencers and Instagram stars, captures the way some now live their lives online. But her unforgettable heroine, Mickey Jones, suffers from the age-old abuses of women whose only weapons are youth and beauty - and a steadfast resolve not to die."
Walk the Vanished Earth (2022)
Erin Swan
"Walk the Vanished Earth is one of the most startlingly original and riveting books I've read in a long time. Erin Swan's gaze at the heaven and hell we humans create wherever we go is brutal and unwavering. What a thrilling, inventive, and gorgeously written debut!"

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