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Anne Rivers Siddons

USA flag (1936 - 2019)

Anne Rivers Siddons was born in a small railroad town just south of Atlanta, where her family had lived for six generations. She attended Auburn University and later joined the staff of Atlanta magazine. Her first novel, Heartbreak Hotel, a story of her college days at Auburn, was later made into a movie called Heart of Dixie, starring Ally Sheedy.

Genres: Romance, Horror
Anne Rivers Siddons recommends
The Men and the Girls (1992)
Joanna Trollope
"A dazzling, cutting diamond of a book."
Temptation (1993)
Cynthia Blair
"A wonderful voice, fresh and poignant and funny, stingingly real and magically readable."
Five Fortunes (1998)
Beth Gutcheon
"She has absolutely perfect pitch when it comes to capturing the voices of these remarkable women. This seems to me to be the quintessential American woman's tale. I loved it."
Sullivan's Island (1999)
(Lowcountry Tales, book 1)
Dorothea Benton Frank
"Roars with life."
A False Sense of Well-Being (2001)
Jeanne Braselton
"This may be the best first novel I've ever read."
A Place Called Wiregrass (2002)
Michael Morris
"Emma Lee Jacobs is a wonderful character, full of strength, vulnerability and possibility, all in equal measure. It is hard to believe that A Place Called Wiregrass is a first novel."
Sheltering Rain (2002)
Jojo Moyes
"This is a remarkable first novel, rich and deep and full of wonderfully realised characters. Oh, these women!"
The Sunday Wife (2002)
Cassandra King
"A wonderful book..."
Skyward (2003)
Mary Alice Monroe
"A soaring, passionate story of lonliness and pain and the simple ability of love to heal and trancend both. Mary Alice Monroe's voice is as strong and true as the great birds of prey of whom she writes."
Mina (2004)
Jonatha Ceely
"Jonatha Ceely has caught perfectly the beauty, cruelty, and the very essence of one England about to transmute into another. A lovely book."
Good Grief (2004)
Lolly Winston
"Good Grief is one of the best first novels I have ever read, and anyone who thinks there is nothing new to read about loss, pain, love, humor and ultimate renewal, should grab this book now."
Bound South (2009)
Susan Rebecca White
"Susan Rebecca White has perfect pitch and a wicked pen."
So Happy Together (2009)
Maryann McFadden
"The characters in So Happy Together will speak to you, and the best ones... all have the ocean in their voices."

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