Michael Shea

(Michael Sinclair MacAuslan Shea)
Scotland (1938 - 2009)

aka Michael Sinclair

In 1963, Michael Shea became the first entrant from a Scottish university to be admitted into the Foreign Office's elite administrative corps. He was a member of British military intelligence in Germany during the Cold War before being seconded to the Cabinet Office. In addition, he worked as the Queen's Press Secretary for a decade. He lives in Edinburgh and London and has two grown-up daughters.

Genres: Thriller
   Sonntag (1971) (as by Michael Sinclair)
   Norslag (1972) (as by Michael Sinclair)
   A Long Time Sleeping (1975) (as by Michael Sinclair)
   Tomorrow's Men (1982)
   Spin Doctor (1995)
   State Of The Nation (1997)
   The British Ambassador (1998)
   The Berlin Embassy (1999)
   The Shadows Fall (1999)
   A Cold Conspiracy (2000)
   Spinoff (2000)
   Break Point (2002)
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