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Robert Sheckley

USA flag (1928 - 2005)
Father of Alisa Kwitney

aka Finn O'Donnevan

Robert Sheckley was a prolific short story writer beginning in 1952 with titles including "Specialist," "Pilgrimage to Earth," "Warm," "The Prize of Peril," and "Seventh Victim," collected in volumes from Untouched by Human Hands to Is That What People Do? and a five-volume set of Collected Stories. His first novel, Immortality, Inc., was followed by The Status Civilization, Journey Beyond Tomorrow, Mindswap, and several others. Sheckley served as fiction editor for Omni magazine from January 1980 through September 1981, and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001.

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery
   Immortality Inc (1958)
     aka Immortality Delivered
   The Status Civilization (1960)
     aka Omega
   Journey Beyond Tomorrow (1962)
     aka Journey of Joenes
   The Man in the Water (1962)
   The Game of X (1965)
   Mindswap (1966)
   Dimension of Miracles (1968)
   Options (1975)
   The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton (1978)
     aka Crompton Divided
   Dramocles (1983)
   Watchbird (1990)
   Godshome (1998)
   Untouched by Human Hands (1954)
   Citizen in Space (1955)
   Pilgrimage to Earth (1957)
   Notions: Unlimited (1960)
   Store of Infinity (1960)
   Shards of Space (1962)
   The People Trap (1968)
   Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (1971)
     aka Same to You Doubled
   The Robot Who Looked Like Me (1978)
   The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley (1979)
   Is THAT What People Do? (1984)
   Feast of Sheckley (1989)
   The Collected Short Fiction of Robert Sheckley (1991)
   Dimensions of Sheckley (2002)
   Uncanny Tales (2003)
   The Masque Of Manana (2005)
   Store of the Worlds (2012)
   Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015) (with Ben Bova, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mark Clifton, Randall Garrett, John Jakes, David H Keller, Frank Belknap Long, Rog Phillips, Jack Sharkey and Evelyn E Smith)
   Fantastic Stories Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack 2 (2018) (with Poul Anderson, Jerome Bixby, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Algis Budrys, Brenda W Clough, Philip K Dick, Harry Harrison, Murry Leinster, Katherine MacLean, Judith Merril, C L Moore, Andre Norton, H Beam Piper, Frederick Pohl, Everlyn E Smith, Allen Steele and Jamie Wild)
   The Fantasy Super Pack 2 (2018) (with Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Brenda W Clough, Philip K Dick, Ron Gou, Ron Goulart, Robert E Howard, Laurence M Janifer, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Henry Kuttner, R A Lafferty, Warren Lapine, Fritz Leiber, Gene Mederos, C L Moore, Andre Norton, Alan E Nourse, Dorothy Quick, Mike Resnick, Evelyn E Smith, Steve Rasnic Tem, Sydney J Van Scyoc, Brea Viragh and Stanley G Weinbaum)
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   Xolotl (1993)
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Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly (with Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Hal Charles, Wil A Emerson, Mel Gilden, Edmond Hamilton, Malcolm Jameson, Henry Slesar, Don Webb and Stacy Woodson)
   32. Black Cat Weekly #32 (2022)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Robert Sheckley
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 4th Series (1955)
Six and the Silent Scream (1958)
Spectrum (1962)
Best SF 5 (1963)
Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales (1963)
The Playboy Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy (1966)
Tomorrow's Children (1966)
New Worlds of Fantasy (1967)
     aka Step Outside Your Mind
This Day's Evil (1967)
The Future Makers (1968)
Legends for the Dark (1968)
Best SF: 1969 (1969)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 3
Robert Silverberg's Worlds of Wonder (1969)
A Sea of Space (1970)
A Wilderness of Stars (1970)
Partners in Wonder (1971)
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (1973)
Nova 3 (1973)
     aka The Outdated Man
Space Opera (1974)
The Best from Galaxy, Volume III (1975)
Tales of Terror From Outer Space (1975)
Best SF: 1974 (1975)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 8
The Penguin World Omnibus of Science Fiction (1977)
Trips in Time (1977)
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (1978)
Anticipations (1978)
Science Fiction of the Fifties (1979)
The Science Fictional Solar System (1979)
After the Fall (1980)
A Century of Science Fiction 1950-1959 (1981)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
The Golden Age of Science Fiction (1981)
100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories (1984)
Machines That Kill (1984)
Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century (1987)
Robots (1989)
Quest to Riverworld (1993)
Christmas Forever (1993)
The Norton Book of Science Fiction (1993)
Deals with the Devil (1994)
Reel Future (1994)
Angels of Darkness (1995)
Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn 2 (1995)
New Legends (1995)
Tales of the Batman (1995)
Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn (1995)
Year's Best SF (1996)
The Ultimate Super-Villains (1996)
Cyber-Killers (1997)
The Flying Sorcerers (1997)
The Playboy Book of Science Fiction (1998)
Dangerous Vegetables (1998)
Don't Open This Book! (1998)
My Favorite Science Fiction Story (1999)
Moon Shots (1999)
Bangs and Whimpers (1999)
100 Hilarious Little Howlers (1999)
Civil War Fantastic (2000)
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Short stories
Aspects of Langranak
Doctor Zombie and His Little Furry Friends
Down the Digestive Tract and Into the Cosmos with Mantra, Ta
Game: First Schematic
The Impacted Man
Love, Incorporated
Notes on the Perception of Imaginary Differences
Pas de Trois of the Chef and the Waiter and the Customer
Plague Circuit
The Same to You Doubled
Spy Story
Starting from Scratch
Tailpipe to Disaster
Fear in the Night (1952)
Untouched By Human Hands [short story] (1952)
The Altar (1953)
Ask a Foolish Question (1953)
Feeding Time (1953)
Fishing Season (1953)
Fool's Mate (1953)
The King's Wishes (1953)
The Monsters (1953)
The Perfect Woman (1953)
Restricted Area (1953)
Seventh Victim (1953)
Shape (1953)
Specialist (1953)
Watchbird [short story] (1953)
Wild Talents, Inc. (1953)
The Academy (1954)
The Accountant (1954)
The Battle (1954)
Carrier (1954)
Hands Off (1954)
Something for Nothing (1954)
Hunting Problem (1955)
The Lifeboat Mutiny (1955)
A Ticket to Tranai (1955)
All the Things You Are (1956)
The Native Problem (1956)
Pilgrimage to Earth [short story] (1956)
The Skag Castle (1956)
The Deaths of Ben Baxter (1957)
Ghost V (1957)
The Language of Love (1957)
A Wind Is Rising (1957)
The Gun Without a Bang (1958)
The Humours (1958)
The Minimum Man (1958)
The Prize of Peril (1958)
If the Red Slayer (1959)
Immortality Inc. (1959)
Pousse Cafe (1959)
Prospector's Special (1959)
The Store of the Worlds (1959)
Triplication (1959)
Meanwhile, Back at the Bromide (1962)
Shall We Have a Little Talk? (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Budget Planet (1968)
I See a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair is Biting His Leg (1968) (with Harlan Ellison)
The Petrified World (1968)
Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? [short story] (1969)
Cordle to Onion to Carrot (1969)
The Cruel Equations (1971)
The Mnemone (1971)
Zirn Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in Flames, Jon Westerley Dead (1972)
The Robot Who Looked Like Me [short story] (1973)
Welcome to the Standard Nightmare (1973)
End City (1974)
What Is Life? (1976)World Fantasy (nominee)
Silversmith Wishes (1977)
Is That What People Do? [short story] (1978)
Good-Bye Forever to Mr Pain (1979)
The Shaggy Average American Man Story (1979)
The Future Lost (1980)
The Last Days of (Parallel?) Earth (1980)
The Helping Hand (1981)
The Shootout in the Toy Shop (1981)
The Swamp (1981)
The Eye of Reality (1982)
Five Minutes Early (1982)
The Future of Sex: Speculative Journalism (1982)
Miss Mouse and the Fourth Dimension (1982)
The Life of Anybody (1984)
'Juleeeeeeeeeeen!' (1986) (with Jay Sheckley)
Message from Hell (1988)
Death of the Dreammaster (1989)
Love Song from the Stars (1989)
The Joker's War (1990)
Diaghilev Plays Riverworld (1993)
A New Christmas Carol (1993)
Devildeal (1994)
The Day the Aliens Came (1995)
A Plague of Unicorns (1995)
Mayhem Party (1996)
Emissary from a Green And Yellow World (1998)
The Three Cigars (2000)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1959) : Immortality Inc
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1966) : Shall We Have a Little Talk?
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1977) : What Is Life?

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