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Showell Styles

(Frank Showell Styles)
Wales (1908 - 2005)

aka Glyn Carr

Frank Showell Styles was a Welsh writer and mountaineer.

Showell Styles was born in Four Oaks, Birmingham and was educated at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield. Known to his friends as 'Pip', Showell Styles' childhood was spent in the hills of North Wales where he became an avid mountaineer and explorer. During the Second World War, Styles joined the Royal Navy and was posted in the Mediterranean, but even there he walked and climbed as much as he could.

An aspiring writer, Styles already had articles published in Punch, before setting out to make his living as an author. His first novel, Traitors Mountain, was a murder mystery set on and around Tryfan in Wales. He became a prolific writer with over 160 books published for children as well as adults. In addition to historic naval adventure fiction such as the Midshipman Quinn and Lieutenant Michael Fitton series set during the Napoleonic Wars, and non-fiction works on mountains and such as The Mountaineers Weekend Book, he wrote detective fiction under the pseudonym of Glyn Carr, and humorous pieces as C.L. Inker.

Genres: Mystery, Historical
   Traitor's Mountain (1946)
   Sir Devil (1949)
   Path to Glory (1951)
   Dark Hazard (1952)
   Land from the Sea (1952)
   Mr. Nelson's Ladies (1953)
   The Frigate Captain (1954)
   Introduction to Mountaineering (1954)
   Mountains of the Midnight Sun (1954)
   The Moated Mountain (1955)
   His Was Fire (1956)
   The Lost Glacier (1956)
   The Sea Lord (1956)
   The Admiral's Fancy (1958)
   Shadow Buttress (1959)
   Wolfe Commands You (1959)
   The Flying Ensign (1960)
   Greencoats Against Napoleon (1960)
   The Battle of Steam (1961)
   The Lost Pothole (1961)
   The Sea Officer (1961)
   The Shop in the Mountain (1961)
   Byrd of the 95th (1962)
   Gentleman Johnny (1962)
   The Ladder of Snow (1962)
   Thunder Over Spain (1962)
   H.M.S. Diamond Rock (1963)
   A Necklace of Glaciers (1963)
   The Camp in the Hills (1964)
   Greenhorn's Cruise (1964)
   Blue Remembered Hills (1965)
   Mr Fiddle (1965)
   Red for Adventure (1965)
   Number Two-Ninety (1966)
   The Pass of Morning (1966)
   Wolf Cub Island (1966)
   Confederate Raider (1967)
   Indestructible Jones (1967)
   Mallory of Everest (1967)
   Mr Fiddle's Band (1967)
   Journey with a Secret (1968)
     aka Mystery of the Fleeing Girl
   Sea Road to Camperdown (1968)
   Case for Mister Fiddle (1969)
   Cubs of the Castle (1969)
   Jones' Private Navy (1969)
   Journey with a Success (1969)
   First on the Summits (1970)
   The Forbidden Frontiers (1970)
   The Snowdon Rangers (1970)
   A Tent on Top (1971)
   Vincey Joe at Quiberon (1971)
   Cubs on the Job (1972)
   Admiral of England (1973)
   A Kiss for Captain Hardy (1979)
   Centurion Comes Home (1980)
   Quarterdeck Ladder (1982)
   Seven Gun Broadside (1982)
   Stella And The Fireships (1983)
   The Malta Frigate (1983)
   Mutiny in the Caribbean (1984)
   The Lee Shore (1986)
   Gun Brig Captain (1987)
   H. M. S. Cracker (1988)
   Nelson Made Me (1989)
   Nelson's Midshipman (1991)
   The Independent Cruise (1992)
   The 12-Gun Cutter (1996)
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