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James Thurber

(James Grover Thurber)
USA flag (1894 - 1961)

The shy Midwesterner James Thurber became a famed cartoonist and humor writer almost, it seems, by accident: Thurber in person was often depressed and self-conscious, darker strains that emerge fitfully in his sly, absurdist work. Garrison Keillor, a sunnier brand of Midwestern humorist, has assembled four longer works with many of Thurber's drawings and short pieces for the Library of America edition of Thurber's selected works. Many of these cartoons and writings are now classics, and Thurber's edgy, modernist humor--not to mention his usually bewildered protagonists--has influenced many of the best cartoonists today.

Genres: Inspirational
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by James Thurber
Short stories
My Life and Hard Times [short story]
Interview with a Lemming (1941)
The White Rabbit Caper (1949)

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