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Joseph A Turkot

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Joseph Turkot grew up and lives in New Jersey. He began writing and drawing at a young age. In school, Joseph was zoned out, daydreaming that he was A) Luke Skywalker, B) A hobbit, or C) Goku/Bruce Lee, depending upon what day it was. Today, he has crafted his own worlds, filled them with characters, and painted their stories. He writes in a variety of genres including realistic fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy
The Catastrophe Theory (2014) (with Tony Bertauski, Shalini Boland, Cary Caffrey, Scott Cramer, Sarah Dalton, Katie French, Deidre Gould, Jenni Merritt, T W Piperbrook, Deborah Rix, Samanth, Megan Thomason and David Wright)