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Matthew Pearl graduated from Harvard University summa cum laude in English and American Literature in 1997, and in 2000 from Yale Law School, where he wrote the first draft of The Dante Club. In 1998, he won the prestigious Dante Prize from the Dante Society of America for his scholarly work. He is also the editor of the new Modern Library edition of Dante's Inferno, translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale and currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical, Mystery
Matthew Pearl recommends
The Eight (1988)
(Montglane Service, book 1)
Katherine Neville
"Readers thrilled by The Da Vinci Code will relish the multi-layered secrets of The Eight"
Where The Truth Lies (2003)
Rupert Holmes
"Rupert Holmes seats you gently next to an irresistible narrator only to entangle you completely in her twisted, dark, exhilarating troubles. The ensuing thriller crosses a Dickensian world of deceit and destiny with the slipping glory of 1970s New York and Los Angeles. Every character is so alive with delicious secrets that you'll never suspect Where the Truth Lies."
The White City (2004)
Alec Michod
"A thinking person's thriller."
The Interpretation of Murder (2006)
Jed Rubenfeld
"A bold page-turner that propels us from the start with a driving plot... a richly motivated thriller."
The Last Town on Earth (2006)
Thomas Mullen
"The Last Town on Earth wraps the reader in its quiet power. As the characters become trapped by their town, we become increasingly trapped by our own fears and hopes. Thomas Mullen's debut is stirring, classic storytelling, with a deep resonance between the book's moment in history and our own times."
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (2009)
Katherine Howe
"Flows with charm and eloquence while concocting a gripping supernatural puzzler. Katherine Howe's talent is spellbinding."
The Sherlockian (2010)
Graham Moore
"A brilliantly executed must-read... Engrossing, suspenseful and fast-paced."
The Devils of Cardona (2016)
Matthew Carr
"Carr recreates for us a dramatic time and place filled with complex characters and issues that resonate powerfully with our own time."
The Night She Won Miss America (2017)
Michael Callahan
"I can't remember the last time I got so caught up in a novel. Michael Callahan's gorgeous prose brings to life an intoxicating world of beauty queens and thwarted dreams that will sweep you away in a whirlwind of intrigue, passion, and secrets."
Everything Here Is Beautiful (2018)
Mira T Lee
"Everything Here is Beautiful vividly captures the kaleidoscope of emotional contradictions within our bonds to family and country. Mira T. Lee's powerful debut crafts an elegiac journey: uplifting, disturbing, and--proving its title--beautiful."
The Philosopher's Flight (2018)
(Philosophers, book 1)
Tom Miller
"The Philosopher s War has all the right ingredients to launch an epic story, bringing us into a vivid world rich with both history and imagination. Its narrative of magic warriors and healers feels remarkably grounded and authentic. Like his characters, Tom Miller casts a spell."
The Waters & The Wild (2018)
DeSales Harrison
"Elegant, elegiac, enigmatic: three words to describe The Waters & The Wild. DeSales Harrison crafts a series of intricate psychological layers that blur the lines between what is past and present, real and unreal. This is a compelling debut that is equal parts character study and literary labyrinth."
A Knife in the Fog (2018)
(Margaret Harkness and Arthur Conan Doyle, book 1)
Bradley Harper
"Arthur Conan Doyle chasing after Jack the Ripper? Bradley Harper makes this irresistible pairing come alive. Ingenious in its premise and plotting, impressive in its unique forensic precision, infectious in its overflowing passion for the subject matter, A Knife in the Fog will be relished by fans of historical fiction, Sherlock Holmes, and Ripper literature. A debut novel worth falling for."
Those Who Go By Night (2018)
Andrew Gaddes
"Those Who Go By Night invites readers into an immersive pilgrimage into the fourteenth century. In elegant and eloquent prose, Gaddes luxuriates in a lush atmosphere of intrigue, mystery and dark secrets."
The Paris Diversion (2019)
(Expats, book 2)
Chris Pavone
"The Paris Diversion coils up with tension from the first page and propels the reader through a maze of intrigue and suspense. Fans of espionage thrillers will find nothing is what it seems in the Chris Pavone's stealthy storytelling."
Execution (2020)
(Giordano Bruno, book 6)
S J Parris
"Transports the reader back to an extraordinary time in history."
The Eighth Detective (2020)
Alex Pavesi
"In The Eighth Detective, Alex Pavesi constructs a remarkable puzzle that turns readers into literary detectives with every new twist. Both a celebration and a reinvention of mystery fiction."

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