Lois Tilton


Lois Ann Tilton (born 1946) is a science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and horror writer. She won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History in the short form category for her story "Pericles the Tyrant" in 2006. In 2005, her story, "The Gladiator's War" was a nominee for the Nebula Award for Best Novelette. She has also written several novels concerning vampires and media-related novels. Her media tie-ins tend to be Babylon 5 or Deep Space Nine related.

Genres: Science Fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Lois Tilton
Short stories
Avatar (1988)
Changing Neighborhood (1991)
The Other Woman (1991)
The Witch's Daughter (1993)
Small Workers (1994)
The Swineherd (1994)
Bite Me (1995)
The Shackles of Buried Sins (1995)
The Wet-Nurse (1995)
Kneeling at His Side (1996)
Alien And Fugue (1999)
The Goddess Danced (2000)