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Rob Thurman

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Rob Thurman is the New York Times bestselling author of the of the Cal Leandros novels, including Slashback and Doubletake, the Trickster novels, including The Grimrose Path and Trick of the Light, the Korsak Brothers novels, including Basilisk and Chimera, and several stories in various anthologies.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction
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Rob Thurman recommends
Unquiet Dreams (2008)
(Connor Grey, book 2)
Mark Del Franco
"Take a walk on the Weird side."
New Tricks (2008)
(Dog Days, book 2)
John Levitt
"Jazz, scotch, and dark magic, it's all waiting around every unfamiliar corner and at the end of every shadowed alley in a world that has both bark and bite."
The Calling (2009)
David Mack
"A protagonist too good for his own good, action, fantasy, and a race to save an innocent that keeps going relentlessly right down to the wire."
A Shot in the Dark (2011)
(Jesse James Dawson, book 2)
K A Stewart
"If you want your life saved, you call the cops. If you want your soul saved, you call Jesse James Dawson."
Powers (2012)
(Bladesmith, book 1)
James A Burton
"Turns mythology-and the world itself-upside down and inside out."
Conspiracy of Angels (2015)
(Shadowside , book 1)
Michelle Belanger
"The vengeful Holy and Unholy are hot on your heels."

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