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Andrew Warren was born in New Jersey, but currently resides in the warmer climate of Southern California. He studied film, English and psychology at the University of Miami, and has over a decade of experience in the television and motion picture industry, where he has worked as a post-production supervisor, story producer and writer.

His passion for writing and traveling led Andrew to Japan. As soon as he set eyes on the country he fell in love with it, and felt compelled to use it as the setting for a series of novels. It took a few years, but Tokyo Black was the result of that trip.

Genres: Thriller
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March 2024

Lethal Action
(Thomas Caine , book 3)
Thomas Caine
   1. Tokyo Black (2016)
   2. Red Phoenix (2017)
   3. Fire and Forget (2017)
Thomas Caine
   0.5. Devil's Due (2016)
   1. Sandfire (2018) (with Aiden Bailey)
   2. Cold Kill (2018)
   3. Lethal Action (2024) (with Aiden Bailey)
   4. Depth Charge (2018) (with Aiden Bailey)
   5. Code Green (2022)

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