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Patrick Weekes grew up in California and attended Stanford University, where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in English Literature. After attempting to be deep and profound, he discovered that he much prefers to write quippy banter, swashbuckling fight scenes, and parody song lyrics. He has sold stories containing the first two elements to several anthologies and magazines.

Patrick currently works at the award-winning video-game company BioWare, on the team that created the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy. He is constantly amazed at being surrounded by such incredibly talented people, and also at having gotten the chance to write the aforementioned parody song lyrics for space aliens as part of his day job.

Genres: Fantasy
Rogues of the Republic
1. The Palace Job (2012)
2. The Prophecy Con (2014)
3. The Paladin Caper (2015)