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USA flag (b.1979)
Husband of Kate Greathead

David Federman has never felt appreciated. An academically gifted yet painfully forgettable member of his New Jersey high school class, the withdrawn, mild-mannered freshman arrives at Harvard fully expecting to be embraced by a new tribe of high-achieving peers. Initially, however, his social prospects seem unlikely to change, sentencing him to a lifetime of anonymity.
    Then he meets Veronica Morgan Wells. Struck by her beauty, wit, and sophisticated Manhattan upbringing, David becomes instantly infatuated. Determined to win her attention and an invite into her glamorous world, he begins compromising his moral standards for this one, great shot at happiness. But both Veronica and David, it turns out, are not exactly as they seem.
    Loner turns the traditional campus novel on its head as it explores ambition, class, and gender politics. It is a stunning and timely literary achievement from one of the rising stars of American fiction.

Genres: Literary Fiction
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The Winner
   Kapitoil (2010)
   The Love Song of Jonny Valentine (2013)
   Loner (2016)
   Apartment (2020)
   The Great Man Theory (2022)
   The Winner (2024)
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The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2013 (2013)
(Best American Nonrequired Reading)
edited by
Dave Eggers

Teddy Wayne recommends
The Audacity (2024)
Ryan Chapman
"Ryan Chapman's outstanding comic sensibility is matched by acrobatic prose of the first rank. The Audacity is an immersively entertaining, tightly controlled bullet of a novel."
Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance (2022)
Alison Espach
"Writing from a black hole, 'soundless and windless and without gravity, ' Alison Espach has alchemized unimaginable tragedy into a story that's deceptively funny, tender, and ultimately life-affirming. Novels like this are what the art form is for."
Last Resort (2022)
Andrew Lipstein
"Authenticity and possession of stories are the surface themes of Last Resort, but it is really about ambition and emptiness, about a callow young man with nothing to say self-destructively looking for shortcuts in literature and life. But the great irony is that Andrew Lipstein's impeccably written debut has quite a lot to say, and, as with the best comic novels, his semi-hero's misadventures have an undertow of real sadness."

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