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A novelist and author of books for both adults and young readers, Judy Alter writes most often about women and girls of the American West. Her most recent nonfiction titles are the nonfiction Extraordinary Explorers and Adventurers and Great Women of the American West. Her novel about Etta Place entitled Sundance, Butch, and Me was published in 2002. Sam Houston is My Hero, a young-adult novel about the Runaway Scrape during the Texas Revolution, was published in 2003.

Genres: Historical, Western
   After Pa Was Shot (1978)
   Luke and the Van Zandt County War (1984)
   Mattie (1988)
   Katie and the Recluse (1991)
   A Ballad for Sallie (1992)
   The Commanches (1994)
   Callie Shaw, Stableboy (1996)
   Haley Goes to Camp (1999)
   Noah's Ride (2006) (with Phyllis Allen, Mike Blackman, Mike Cochran, Jeff Guinn, Mary Dittoe Kelly, Elmer Kelton, James Ward Lee, James Reasoner and Mary Rogers)
   The Gilded Cage (2016)
   So Far From Paradise (2019)
   Saving Irene (2020)
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