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Mona Awad received her MFA in fiction from Brown University. Her work has appeared in McSweeneys, The Walrus, Joyland, Post Road, St. Petersburg Review, and many other journals. She is currently pursuing a PhD in creative writing and English literature at the University of Denver.

Genres: Horror, Literary Fiction
New Books
September 2023

   Bunny (2019)
   All's Well (2021)
   Rouge (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories
Mona Awad recommends
How Can I Help You (2023)
Laura Sims
"A dark and spellbinding descent into jolly madness, How Can I Help You is reminiscent of Shirley Jackson at her eerie best. All of Sims' deliciously wicked powers are on full display in this compulsive and unforgettable novel. A classic."
The Beast You Are (2023)
Paul Tremblay
"A brilliant, creepy and wildly entertaining collection. By turns surreal, playful, and frightening, with a wondrously nightmarish Orwellian fable to boot, Paul Tremblay is a master storyteller who vividly conjures the monstrous in all its shivery forms."
Muckross Abbey and Other Stories (2023)
Sabina Murray
"I binge-read this book, savoring the gothic creepiness at the heart of each tale. Packed with compelling, nuanced lives and the deaths that haunt them, each story is a seance--an invitation for unsettled spirits to let their presence be known, 'desperate for someone to supply the narrative.' Murray supplies it with great style and an uncanny knowingness, leaving room for our imagination to fill in the suggestive spaces with our own dark dread."
Small World (2023)
Laura Zigman
"Hilarious, wise, and deeply moving--I loved my time with the Mellishman sisters and didn't want it to end. No one captures the tragicomedies of life quite like Laura Zigman, whose compassion and brilliance shine through on every page."
We Spread (2022)
Iain Reid
"I loved this book and couldn't put it down - a deeply gripping, surreal and wonderfully mysterious novel. Not only has Reid given us a brilliant page turner, but a profoundly moving meditation on life and art, death and infinity. Reid is a master."
When We Lost Our Heads (2022)
Heather O'Neill
"A dazzling, delicious dream - penned with equal parts arsenic-laced icing and blood. There are marvels and dark delights on every page as O'Neill masterfully unfurls the lifelong love affair of Sadie and Marie, whose tale is illuminated by the triumphs of female desire over the crushing designs of men. The spell this novel casts is irresistible."

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