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(Edna Rydzik)
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Edna Buchanan was the crime reporter for the Miami Herald for eighteen years, covering more than 5,000 violent deaths, 3,000 of them homicides, as well as kidnappings, riots, fatal fires, and major plane crashes. Amongst her many awards, she won the Pulitzer Prize for her reporting and the George Polk Award for Career Achievement in Journalism, as well as international acclaim for her classic true-crime memoirs, The Corpse Had a Familiar Face and Never Let Them See You Cry. Buchanan's first novel of suspense, Nobody Lives Forever, received an Edgar nomination. The author of eighteen books which have been translated into eleven languages, she has also written numerous short stories, articles, essays, and book reviews. Buchanan lives in Miami Beach, Florida, America's hottest beat.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Romance
Britt Montero
   1. Contents Under Pressure (1992)
   2. Miami, It's Murder (1994)
   3. Suitable for Framing (1995)
   4. Act of Betrayal (1996)
   5. Margin of Error (1997)
   6. Garden of Evil (1999)
   7. You Only Die Twice (2001)
   8. The Ice Maiden (2002)
   9. Love Kills (2007)
   10. Dead Man's Daughter (2018)
Craig Burch
   1. Cold Case Squad (2004)
   2. Shadows (2005)
   3. Love Kills (2007)
   Nobody Lives Forever (1990)
   Naked Came the Manatee (1997) (with others)
   Pulse (1998)
   Legally Dead (2008)
   A Dark and Lonely Place (2011)
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