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Elizabeth Bowen

(Elizabeth Dorothea Cole)
Ireland (1899 - 1973)

Elizabeth Bowen was born in Dublin in 1899, the only child of an Irish lawyer and land-owner. She was awarded the CBE in 1948, and received honorary degrees from Trinity College, Dublin in 1949, and from Oxford University in 1956. The Royal Society of Literature made her a Companion of Literature in 1965. Elizabeth Bowen died in 1973.
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Elizabeth Bowen
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Short stories
The Claimant
Songs My Father Sang Me
All Saints (1923)
Breakfast (1923)
Coming Home (1923)
The Confidante (1923)
Daffodils (1923)
The Evil That Men Do- (1923)
The Lover (1923)
Lunch (1923)
Mrs Windermere (1923)
The New House (1923)
Requiescat (1923)
The Return (1923)
The Shadowy Third (1923)
Sunday Evening (1923)
Ann Lee's [short story] (1924)
The Contessina (1924)
Making Arrangements (1925)
The Parrot (1925)
The Back Drawing-Room (1926)
Charity (1926)
Human Habitation (1926)
Recent Photograph (1926)
The Secession (1926)
The Storm (1926)
The Visitor (1926)
Telling (1927)
Aunt Tatty (1929)
The Cassowary (1929)
The Cat Jumps [short story] (1929)
The Dancing-Mistress (1929)
Dead Mabelle (1929)
Foothold (1929)
Joining Charles [short story] (1929)
The Jungle (1929)
Mrs Moysey (1929)
Shoes: An International Episode (1929)
The Working Party (1929)
Her Table Spread (1930)
The Apple Tree (1931)
The Disinherited (1934)
Firelight in the Flat (1934)
The Good Girl (1934)
The Last Night in the Old Home (1934)
The Little Girl's Room (1934)
The Man of the Family (1934)
Maria (1934)
The Needlecase (1934)
The Tommy Crans (1934)
Reduced (1935)
Love (1939)
No. 16 (1939)
Attractive Modern Homes (1941)
Careless Talk (1941)
The Easter Egg Party (1941)
The Girl with the Stoop (1941)
In the Square (1941)
Look at All Those Roses [short story] (1941)
A Love Story (1941)
Oh, Madam... (1941)
A Queer Heart (1941)
Summer Night (1941)
Sunday Afternoon (1941)
Tears, Idle Tears (1941)
Unwelcome Idea (1941)
A Walk in the Woods (1941)
The Cheery Soul (1942)
Green Holly (1944)
The Happy Autumn Fields (1944)
The Inherited Clock (1944)
Mysterious Kor (1944)
I Hear You Say So (1945)
Ivy Gripped the Steps (1945)
Pink May (1945)
Gone Away (1946)
Hand in Glove (1952)
A Day in the Dark [short story] (1956)
The Dolt's Tale (1965)

Booker Prize Best Novel nominee (1970) : Eva Trout: or, Changing Scenes

Books about Elizabeth Bowen
Elizabeth Bowen recommends
Crewe Train (1926)
Rose Macaulay
"One of the few authors of whom it may be said she adorns our century."
The Chateau (1961)
William Maxwell
"I can think of few novels... that have such romantic authority as The Chateau, fewer still so adult in vitality, so alight with humor."
Dangerous Calm (1995)
Elizabeth Taylor
"Not a tale here fails to expand in the imagination of the reader."
The Military Orchid and Other Novels (2002)
Jocelyn Brooke
"Jocelyn Brooke's writing is imaginatively unique ... a great writer."

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