Ernest Bramah

(Ernest Bramah Smith)
UK flag (1868 - 1942)

Bramah was a reclusive soul, who shared few details of his private life with his reading public. His full name was Ernest Bramah Smith. It is known that he dropped out of Manchester Grammar School at the age of 16, after displaying poor aptitude as a student and thereafter went into farming, and began writing vignettes for the local newspaper. Bramah's father was a wealthy man who rose from factory hand to a very wealthy man in a short time, and who supported his son in his various career attempts.

Bramah went to Fleet Street after the farming failure and became a secretary to Jerome K. Jerome, rising to a position as editor of one of Jerome's magazines. At some point, he appears to have married Mattie.

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery
Kai Lung
   1. The Wallet of Kai Lung (1900)
   2. Kai Lung's Golden Hours (1922)
   3. Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat (1928)
   4. The Return of Kai Lung (1932)
     aka Moon of Much Gladness
   5. Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry Tree (1949)
   6. Kai Lung: Six (1974)
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Novellas and Short Stories
Omnibus editions
   Celestial Omnibus (1963)
Anthologies containing stories by Ernest Bramah
Bodies from the Library (2018)
Lost Classic Stories by Masters of the Golden Age
(Bodies from the Library, book 1)
edited by
Tony Medawar
Blood on the Tracks (2018)
Railway Mysteries
(British Library Crime Classics)
edited by
Martin Edwards
Toward the Golden Age (2016)
The Stories That Turned Crime to Gold
edited by
Mike Ashley

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