Eando Binder

A pseudonym used by Earl Andrew Binder, Otto Oscar Binder

The most famous of the joint Pseudonyms used by US writers Earl Andrew Binder (1904-1966), who was born in Austria-Hungary and came to the US in 1910, and Otto Oscar Binder (1911-1975), who was the more active (and ultimately better known) of the two; after approximately 1934, when Earl became inactive as a writer, Otto continued to sign himself Eando Binder, so that some Eando Binder books they were all published after 1940; several contain pre-1935 material are collaborative and some by Otto alone.

They both used other pseudonyms as well; together, the brothers also wrote eleven stories as John Coleridge and one as Dean D O'Brien, while Otto alone also wrote as Gordon A Giles and, later, as Ione Frances (or Ian Francis) Turek (forms of his wife's maiden name), did some work under the House Name Will Garth, and finally published a couple of novels under his own name. A third brother, Jack Binder [John R Binder] (1902-1988), an illustrator, did much of the early drawing on Captain Marvel, which was regularly scripted by Otto. The brothers all retained the German pronunciation of their surname, with a short i.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Eando Binder
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Short stories
Conquest of Life (1937)
Life Eternal (1938)
I, Robot (1939)
The Man Who Saw Too Late (1939)
The Three Eternals [short story] (1939)
The Trial of Adam Link (1939)
Adam Link in Business (1940)
Adam Link's Vengeance (1940)
Adam Link, Champion Athlete (1940)
Adam Link, Robot Detective (1940)
The Secret of Anton York (1940)
Adam Link Saves the World (1942)
The Iron Man (1954)