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Sally Beauman

UK flag (1944 - 2016)

aka Vanessa James

Sally Beauman had great critical and commercial success with all her novels: Destiny, Dark Angel, the series Lovers and Liars, Danger Zones and Sextet, and Rebecca's Tale have been translated into over twenty languages and have been bestsellers worldwide.

Genres: Romance
Lovers and Liars Trilogy
1. Lovers and Liars (1994)
2. Danger Zones (1996)
3. Sextet (1997)
     aka Deception and Desire
The Dark One (1982) (as by Vanessa James)
The Fire and the Ice (1982) (as by Vanessa James)
The Devil's Advocate (1983) (as by Vanessa James)
Ever After (1983) (as by Vanessa James)
Chance Meetings (1984) (as by Vanessa James)
The Object of the Game (1985) (as by Vanessa James)
Give Me This Night (1985) (as by Vanessa James)
Prisoner (1986) (as by Vanessa James)
Try to Remember (1986) (as by Vanessa James)
Destiny (1987)
Dark Angel (1990)
Secret Lives (1994)
Rebecca's Tale (2001)
The Landscape of Love (2005)
     aka The Sisters Mortland
The Visitors (2014)
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