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Christa Carmen lives in Rhode Island and is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of the short story collection Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked. She has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA from Boston College, and an MFA from the University of Southern Maine.

When she’s not writing, she keeps chickens; uses a Ouija board to ghost-hug her dear, departed beagle; and sets out on adventures with her husband, daughter, and bloodhound–golden retriever mix. Most of her work comes from gazing upon the ghosts of the past or else into the dark corners of nature, those places where whorls of bark become owl eyes, and deer step through tunnels of hanging leaves and creeping briars only to disappear. Visit her at

Genres: Horror
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Anthologies edited
   We Are Providence (2022) (with L E Daniels)
Christa Carmen recommends
What Grows in the Dark (2024)
Jaq Evans
"Utterly unsettling and wildly original, What Grows in the Dark is an authentic and atmospheric reading experience and a triumph of a horror debut. Jaq Evans isn't satisfied with crafting a terrifying narrative to slice into your nightmares with X-Acto knife precision; her unflinching prose will ensnare you in a twisting knot of dread as thick as a pine copse... The only way out is to follow Evans's exquisitely-realized characters through the living, breathing, growing dark."
Despatches (2023)
Lee Murray
"This expertly curated anthology brims with monsterous mythology, diverse and original voices, and prose that propels the reader from one story to the next with the ferociousness of a rogue wave, a runaway carnival ride, a chattering chorus of insect wings. Remains to be Told: Dark Tales of Aotearoa seems to have been excavated from the very soil and riverbeds of New Zealand's unpredictable landscape by the tremendously talented authors who grace its pages rather than crafted with mere paper and ink. A must-read for anyone interested in the darker side of New Zealand, Remains to be Told succeeds in showcasing this mysterious, magical place."

Anthologies containing stories by Christa Carmen
We Are Providence (2022)
Tales of Horror from the Ocean State
edited by
Christa Carmen and L E Daniels
Orphans of Bliss (2022)
Tales of Addiction Horror
edited by
Mark Matthews
One of Us (2020)
A Tribute to Frank Michaels Errington
edited by
Kenneth W Cain
Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2 (2017)
(Year's Best Hardcore Horror, book 2)
edited by
Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax

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