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David Ignatius, a prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, has been covering the Middle East and the CIA for more than twenty-five years. He lives in Washington, DC.

Genres: Thriller
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May 2024

Phantom Orbit
   Agents of Innocence (1987)
   Siro (1991)
   The Bank of Fear (1994)
   A Firing Offence (1997)
   The Sun King (1999)
   Body of Lies (2007)
     aka House of Lies
   The Increment (2009)
   Bloodmoney (2011)
   The Director (2014)
   The Quantum Spy (2017)
   The Paladin (2020)
   Phantom Orbit (2024)
David Ignatius recommends
Mr. Texas (2023)
Lawrence Wright
"Lawrence Wright is an American original. He's one of our most cosmopolitan writers but also rooted in his beloved Texas. His new novel is a panoramic journey through the bramble of Texas politics - all the way to today's debates about fracking, transgender rights and migrants. His characters are complex and believable, drawn from real-life Texans that Larry has known over decades. It's characteristic of Larry's limitless talent that now he's written a can't-put-it-down novel!"
Damascus Station (2021)
(Damascus Station, book 1)
David McCloskey
"The nightmare of the Syrian civil war is vividly portrayed by David McCloskey in Damascus Station. He captures the places and people-and most of all, the sickening feeling in the gut-of this war that shattered poor Syria while America mostly watched. As a former CIA officer, McCloskey gets the details right-not just the little ones about mistimed clocks on the wall at Headquarters but the big ones about trying to keep faith with people in a faithless business. This isn’t just a realistic spy novel, it’s real life."
Harbor of Spies (2018)
Robin Lloyd
"Robin Lloyd has written a captivating thriller-at-sea in Harbor of Spies. This book is at once a spy story, a sea story and a love story. The setting is exotic and highly original--Havana in the 1860s. The scenes of battle at sea are beautifully rendered. This second seafaring novel by Robin Lloyd cruises at hull speed."

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