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Stephen Goldin

(Stephen Charles Goldin)
USA flag (b.1947)

Born in Philadelphia in 1947, Stephen Goldin has lived in California since 1960. He received a Bachelors degree in Astronomy from UCLA and worked as a civilian space scientist for the U.S. Navy for a few years after leaving college, but has made his living as a writer/editor most of his life.

His first wife was fellow author Kathleen Sky, with whom he co-wrote the first edition of the highly acclaimed nonfiction book The Business of Being a Writer. His current wife is fellow author Mary Mason. So far they have co-authored two books in the Rehumanization of Jade Darcy series.

He has lived with cats all his adult life. Artistically, he enjoys Broadway musicals and surrealist art. Philosophically, he is an atheist.

Genres: Science Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Romance
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Short stories
The Girls on USSF 193 (1965)
Sweet Dreams, Melissa (1968)
The World Where Wishes Worked (1971)
Stubborn (1972)
A Nice Place to Visit (1973)
But as a Soldier, For His Country (1974)
For Services Rendered (1974)
Harriet (1974) (with C F Hensel)
Of Love, Free Will and Grey Squirrels on a Summer Evening (1974)
In the Land of Angra Mainyu (1975)
Prelude to a Symphony of Unborn Shouts (1975)
Xenophobe (1975)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young God (1977)
When There's No Man Around (1977)
Appolyon Ex Machina (1980)
One Step At A Time (1982)
The Height of Intrigue (1994)
The Sword Unswayed (1998)

Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1972) : The Last Ghost