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L Sprague de Camp

(Lyon Sprague de Camp)
USA flag (1907 - 2000)

Lyon Sprague de Camp, (November 27, 1907 - November 6, 2000) was an American science fiction and fantasy author. In a writing career spanning fifty years he wrote over one hundred books, including both novels and notable works of nonfiction, such as biographies of other important fantasy authors.

Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by L Sprague de Camp
Short stories
Lament By a Maker
Ultrasonic God
Hyperpilosity (1938)
The Merman (1938)
The Blue Giraffe (1939)
The Gnarly Man (1939)
Nothing In the Rules (1939)
The Exhalted (1940)
The Hardwood Pile (1940)
Juice (1940)
The Warrior Race (1940)
The Wheels of If [short story] (1940)
The Best-Laid Scheme (1941)
Mr Arson (1941)
The Contraband Cow (1942)
The Wisdom of the East (1942)
The Ghosts of Melvin Pye (1946)
The Reluctant Shaman [short story] (1947)
The Animal-Cracker Plot (1949)
The Colorful Character (1949)
Finished (1949)
Throwback (1949)
The Better Mousetrap (1950) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Elephas Frumenti (1950) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Gift of God (1950) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Git Along! (1950)
The Inspector's Teeth (1950)
Perpetual Motion (1950)
Summer Wear (1950)
Beasts of Bourbon (1951) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Calories (1951)
The Continent Makers [short story] (1951)
The Eye of Tandyla (1951)
The Galton Whistle (1951)
More Than Skin Deep (1951) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Owl and the Ape (1951)
The Tritonian Ring [short story] (1951)
When the Night Wind Howls (1951) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Ancestral Amethyst (1952) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Guided Man (1952)
In-Group (1952)
Proposal (1952)
The Saxon Pretender (1952)
The Space Clause (1952)
Where to, Please? (1952) (with Fletcher Pratt)
All That Glitters (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Black Ball (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Caveat Emptor (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Corpus Delectable (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
A Dime Brings You Success (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Eve of St. John (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Gin Comes in Bottles (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Green Thumb (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
Here, Putzi! (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Hungry Hercynian (1953)
The Love Nest (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
My Brother's Keeper (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
No Forwarding Address (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Palimpsest of St. Augustine (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Rape of the Lock (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Stone of the Sages (1953) (with Fletcher Pratt)
The Stronger Spell (1953)
Cornzan the Mighty (1955)
Gratitude (1955)
Judgment Day (1955)
The Egg (1956)
A Gun for Dinosaur (1956)
Impractical Joke (1956)
Internal Combustion (1956)
New Arcadia (1956)
A Thing of Custom (1956)
Let's Have Fun (1957)
Aristotle and the Gun [short story] (1958)
Ka the Appalling (1958)
The Tower of Zanid (part 3) (1958)
Faunas (1968)
The Emperor's Fan (1973)
The Lamp from Atlantis (1975)
Two Yards of Dragon (1976)
Eudoric's Unicorn (1977)
The Gem in the Tower (1978) (with Lin Carter)
The Big Splash (1992)
Crocamander Quest (1992)
The Satanic Illusion (1992)
The Synthetic Barbarian (1992)
The Cayuse (1993)
The Honeymoon Dragon (1993)
Miocene Romance (1993)
The Mislaid Mastodon (1993)

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1977)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1979)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1980)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1981)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1982)
World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement winner (1984)

L Sprague de Camp recommends

Time and the Gods (1906)
Lord Dunsany
"Perhaps the strongest single influence in the development of fantasy fiction in the present century."

The Double Shadow (1933)
Clark Ashton Smith
"A monstrously vivid imagination, a keenly ironic sense of humour, and an uninhibited bent for the macabre.a giant in the weird-heroic field."

The Sunken World (1948)
Stanton A Coblentz
"One of the best Atlantis novels."

Conan the Triumphant (1983)
Robert Jordan
"Nobody alive writes Conan better than Robert Jordan."

Bronwyn's Bane (1983)
(Songs from the Seashell Archives, book 3)
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
"I found BRONWYN'S BANE delightful reading. I wish I had her fertility of imagination in thinking up amusing twists, turns and business of plot."
Conan the Renegade
Conan the Renegade (1986)
(Adventures of Conan)
Leonard Carpenter
"A rousing good Conan story filled with magic and adventure."
Down to the Sea
Down to the Sea (2000)
(Lost Regiment, book 9)
William R Forstchen
"A parallel world of majestic sweep and gripping intensity."

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