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Lily King is an American novelist. She studied at the University of North Carolina, and Syracuse University. Her work has appeared in Ploughshares and Glimmer Train. She lived with her family in Maine; they live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Lily King recommends
The Last Cruise (2018)
Kate Christensen
"A smart, fast-paced adventure story, two poignant love stories, and a shrewd and chilling warning to us all. What is not to love about The Last Cruise?"
Elsey Come Home (2019)
Susan Conley
"Elsey’s voice is a triumph. It sings. The writing is exquisite and tells the story of someone who has lost herself to the point that the pain in her life threatens to divide her from the people she loves most. There is so much at stake here, and even the small moments resonate. I loved, loved this novel."
Late in the Day (2019)
Tessa Hadley
"Few writers have been as important to me as Tessa Hadley."
Dear Edward (2020)
Ann Napolitano
"I loved Dear Edward so, so much. It made me laugh and weep. So many times I had to stop after reading a paragraph to acknowledge the beauty of Ann Napolitano’s writing. In Edward, his friend Shay, and the passengers on the airplane, Napolitano offers unforgettable characters, people you know you will miss after you’ve turned the book’s last page. Magnificent!"
My Dark Vanessa (2020)
Kate Elizabeth Russell
"My Dark Vanessa is a harrowing triumph. Complex, smart, and utterly riveting from start to finish, Kate Elizabeth Russell’s debut novel cracks open assumptions and clichés, and delivers a layered, nuanced narrative that is vital for a more thorough understanding of the extent and longevity of the damage wrought by sexual abuse. Be prepared for a pit in your stomach, a lump in your throat, and reading late into the night."
The Gretchen Question (2020)
Jessica Treadway
"The Gretchen Question is a powerful and emotional ride with disorienting, satisfying turns and a stunning end. Treadway is masterful."
The Vietri Project (2021)
Nicola DeRobertis-Theye
"The Vietri Project is a riveting, shifting quest, an evocative trip to Rome, and a beautiful portrayal of the ways you need to return to the past in order to move forward. A great delight from start to finish."
When Ghosts Come Home (2021)
Wiley Cash
"Taut, tense, and tender—this novel hits every note. I loved it and devoured it with fury, straight to its blazing end."
Small Things Like These (2021)
Claire Keegan
"Small Things Like These is a hypnotic and electrifying Irish tale that transcends country, transcends time. Claire Keegan’s sentences make my heart pound and my knees buckle and I will always read everything she writes."
Joan is Okay (2022)
Weike Wang
"I am staggered by Weike Wang's humor, heart, and brilliance. I loved Joan and I am pressing this book into your hands."
Vladimir (2022)
Julia May Jonas
"Vladimir is a thrilling debut - smart, sharp, and uber provocative. I devoured it with fascination and awe."
Groundskeeping (2022)
Lee Cole
"Groundskeeping is a smart, funny, exhilarating debut about that time in life when you are clawing your way to a future that feels murky and impossible to reach. Lee Cole takes a hard look at our fraught cultural moment, our divides large and small, with fresh insight and wisdom and tenderness. I truly loved it."
Lucky Turtle (2022)
Bill Roorbach
"A thrilling, blistering tale of young love and old hate and the steady endurance of both."
Half-Blown Rose (2022)
Leesa Cross-Smith
"By far the most exhilarating and sexy American-in-Paris story I've ever read. Leesa Cross-Smith's Half-Blown Rose is smart, intriguing, and pure delight."
Vigil Harbor (2022)
Julia Glass
"In her new novel, Julia Glass gathers a combustible cast of characters, places them ten years from now, and strikes a match. Fast-paced, immersive, and imaginatively daring, Vigil Harbor is a brave look at our climate perils, our political moment, and our deep dependence on one another."
Cat Brushing (2022)
Jane Campbell
"Cat Brushing is a fierce and fascinating debut. I loved these women who have taken off their gloves to fight life with their bare hands."
Flight (2022)
Lynn Steger Strong
"Lynn Steger Strong is a master of family life, a wise chronicler of economic struggles real and imagined, of dreams versus responsibilities, and of nuances in relationships of all kinds. Arresting and powerful, Flight examines the possibility and pain of fierce love and hope in our time of looming existential threats."

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