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Carolyn Davidson began writing in 1986, knowing absolutely nothing about the craft. Her first three books were rejected by Harlequin.

She met Dixie Browning at a Harlequin dinner in Charleston, South Carolina, and told Dixie she was writing, but that she feared she was too old to begin such an undertaking. Dixie's response spurred Carolyn to pursue her dream. Dixie said, in her own inimitable fashion, "Well, honey, you can't start any younger!" And she was right.

Having spent her life as a wife, mother, grandmother, and working woman, she's privileged to have a career that makes her dreams possible. Writing historical romance gives her the opportunity to travel, to visit all those places where our forefathers staked their claim on this country of ours. And then she goes home and writes their stories, maybe not exactly as they lived them, but as her imagination portrays them.

Carolyn lives in the South, where romance thrives, and where the sun shines almost every day of the year. In fact, some days it is difficult to stay glued to her computer, especially when the birds are singing and the flowers are in full bloom.

She lives not far from the ocean, close to Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Moreover, time at the beach is easy to come by. Does she enjoy her life? You bet! Harlequin allows her to write the books she loves, and her editor is patient with her quirks and foibles. Her family, though scattered in various states, is supportive, and her husband is a constant source of inspiration.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense
   1. The Wedding Promise (1998)
   2. Maggie's Beau (2001)
   3. Redemption (2005)
Davidson's Texas
   1. A Marriage by Chance (2002)
   2. The Texan (2002)
   3. Tempting a Texan (2003)
   4. Texas Gold (2003)
   5. Texas Lawman (2004)
   A Question of Virtue (1991)
   Homespun Bride (1995)
   The Forever Man (1997)
   Runaway (1998)
   Where Grandma Lives...Love is Forever (1998)
   The Tender Stranger (1999)
   The Midwife (1999)
   Oklahoma Sweetheart (2005)
   Lone Star Bride (2006)
   Haven (2006)
   Nightsong (2007)
   The Bride (2008)
   The Outlaw's Bride (2008)
   Eden (2009)
   Saving Grace (2011)
   A Man for Glory (2013)
Omnibus editions
   One Christmas Wish (2000) (with Theresa Michaels (Raine Cantrell) and Judith Stacy)
   Big Sky Grooms (2001) (with Susan Mallery and Bronwyn Williams (Dixie Browning))
   Wild West Brides (2002) (with Ruth Langan and Cathy Maxwell)
   Frontier Christmas (2003) (with Kate Bridges and Ana Leigh)
   Gamble / As Good as Gold / Spirit of the Wolf (2004) (with Susan Mallery and Bronwyn Williams (Dixie Browning))
   One Starry Christmas (2004) (with Lynna Banning and Carol Finch)
   Montana Legends (2005) (with Susan Mallery and Bronwyn Williams (Dixie Browning))
   Wed Under Western Skies (2006) (with Jenna Kernan and Cheryl St. John)
   The Magic of Christmas (2008) (with Victoria Bylin and Cheryl St. John)
   Mail-Order Marriages (2010) (with Kate Bridges and Jillian Hart)
   Christmas Cowboy Kisses (2013) (with Carol Arens and Lauri Robinson)

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