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Cynthia Felice

(Cynthia Lindgren Felice)
USA flag (b.1942)

Cynthia Felice is best known for her complex, carefully plotted novels. These, which range from the complicated menage a trois in The Sunbound to the marital contention in Eclipses, have been described as engrossing, amusing, and compelling. Exotic, exciting detailed settings and intense interpersonal relationships make her novels some of the reliably enjoyable science fiction on the market today, and have inspired such comments as Let me choose my words carefully. This is the finest science fiction novel I have read in the last five Years in Science Fiction Review, and fun, fast and full of schemes that keep it entertaining Locus.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Cynthia Felice
Short stories
David and Lindy (1978)
Second Cousin Twice Removed (1991)

John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1979) : Godsfire