Joseph L Green

(Joseph Lee Green)
USA flag (b.1931)

Joseph Lee Green is an American science fiction author and a charter member of the Science Fiction Writers of America. He is a prolific short story author best known for his novel Gold the Man.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Joseph L Green
Short stories
The Creators (1964)
Haggard Honeymoon (1964) (with James Webbert)
The Decision Makers (1965)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Treasure Hunt (1965)
Birth of a Butterfly (1966)
When I Have Passed Away (1969)
Death and the Sensperience Poet (1970)
First Light on a Darkling Plain (1971)
And Be Lost Like Me (1983)
Raccoon Reaction (1983)

Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1966) : The Decision Makers